Issue #52: The Cognitive Issue

Whether or not you’ve mastered the pronunciation of acai – the winner seems to be “ah-sah-EE,” just for the record – chances are you’re not in the dark about the myriad of health benefits that come with eating the superfruit. Similar in appearance to a grape, with a taste that’s slightly more reminiscent of wild berries, the South American berry is known for its high antioxidant content – evident by its rich purple hue, which is a signifier of anthocyanins as well as its anti-inflammatory properties.

And while we’d need a bit more research before we can confidently dub acai a full-on miracle berry, the fruit’s proven ability to boost energy, improve your immune system, and aid in cognitive function definitely suggests that it might not be too far off.

To get a bit of the berry into your diet and reap its benefits yourself, try one of these delicious flavor combinations of the quintessential acai recipe: the acai bowl.

Traditional Acai Bowl

Traditional Acai - Credit Keepin It Kind

Sometimes the simplest recipe is one of the best recipes, and that certainly applies when it comes to acai bowls. This recipe doesn’t focus too much on jazzing things up with fancy ingredients, and instead focuses on the basics – some almond milk, a fresh fruit medley, some greens, etc. Meanwhile, the addition of ingredients of like hemp seeds help give the bowl a nutritional boost – in this case, it’s protein – while others, like granola, add a bit of flavor and crunch.

Get the recipe from Keepin’ It Kind.


Kale and Berries Acai Bowl

Kale Berry Acai Bowl - Credit Cafe Johnsonia

Since kale has managed to make its way into almost every healthy food concoction, it was bound to pop up in an acai bowl recipe or two. This recipe proves that its inclusion is nothing to be disappointed about. Like in a smoothie, the kale adds a healthy kick while its flavor is masked by the acai and other fruits like sweet blueberries. For an added dose of (kale-masking) sweetness, as well as a bit of potassium, this recipe offers the optional addition of banana.

Get the recipe from Café Johnsonia.


Vanilla, Cashew, and Fig Acai Bowl

Vanilla Acai Bowl - Credit How Sweet Eats

In this acai bowl recipe, sweet flavors like vanilla and coconut pair with the tart acai and other fruity additions like pomegranate and figs to create a combination that is all at once warm and a bit refreshing. Meanwhile, ingredients like homemade vanilla bean cashew butter add a creamy texture to the bowl while giving it a slightly decadent protein kick and an added dose of nutrients like magnesium and vitamin E.

Get the recipe from How Sweet Eats.


Cacao Avocado Acai Bowl

Chocolate Avocado Acai - Credit Hummusapien

If you’re still a bit wary of the avocado/chocolate pairing that has been passionately touted by healthy-baking aficionados, this is probably as good a time as any to get on board. Ingredients like avocado and dates work to give this chocolatey acai bowl some serious creaminess without compromising nutritional value, while additions like banana and cocoa nibs add sweetness. Together, all of the ingredients create a bowl that tastes majorly (but deceptively) indulgent.

Get the recipe from Hummusapien.

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