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How to Squeeze an Office Workout Right Into Your Workday

How to Squeeze an Office Workout Right Into Your Workday


It can be tough to squeeze an early morning exercise into the early hours of your day. And when the day is coming to an end, you’ll probably want to spend your time after work with dinner and Netflix a lot more than you want to spend it at the gym. But when getting your workout in before work and after work both feel like lost causes, one of your best bets may be to find creative ways to sneak workouts into your day. And who ever said working out in the office is off-limits? Try these low-intensity moves to get a mini workout right at work. 

Taking The Stairs

Okay, we get it. Taking the stairs isn’t something everyone wants to do when they are groggy and just getting into work, especially if you are more than three flights up. But keeping yourself active at such an early time in the day can keep you focused and awake, and it’s better than cramming yourself into a packed elevator, anyway.

Tricep Dips

Push your chair aside and work on those arms right at your desk. Do a few reps of these once a day when you have a few minutes of free time and we promise that you will feel the burn the next morning.

Desk Pushups

Like tricep dips, this exercise is super easy and will keep your arms toned while you’re going through your work day. The best part about these arms exercises is the fact that they are simple and don’t take too much time out of your busy day. P

Carpal Tunnel Reliever

There’s always going to be those days where the amount of typing you are doing on your computer will impact the muscles in your arm (um, try everyday). One way to combat that, though, is to stretch out those muscles in your wrist and forearm, which will instantly relieve some of the pain.

Leg Lifts

This move is so simple, and you can do it without even missing a beat with what you’re working on at your desk. Try doing a few reps of these each hour to keep the blood flowing in your legs while you are confined to a chair. It will also give your abs a one up.

See Also

Butterfly and Scissor Kicks

This exercise goes hand in hand with the simple leg lifts. Moving your legs back and forth in either a butterfly or scissor motion keeps the lower half of your body active while you spend the majority of the day sitting.

Standing Up

You may not be moving any parts of your body in this exercise, but you are doing something to keep your body healthy. Taking breaks from your chair to stand up while working is really good for your knees and your leg muscles, and it will help keep your body weight well balanced. Just make sure you switch off with sitting – too much standing can spell bad news, too. 

Laptop Bicep Curls

If you have a laptop and plenty of time to kill while waiting for your paperwork to print, use that time to do some basic arm curls. This might look a little more conspicuous than some of the other in-office moves, but we promise the payoff will be worth it when you see your toned arms. 

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