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Social Media Makes Us Feel Lonely – Here’s How to Change That

Social Media Makes Us Feel Lonely – Here’s How to Change That

Just like everything else in our lives right now, we’ve decided to go full Marie Kondo on our social media. As the first generation to use social media, we have to figure out the rules for ourselves, and see what makes us feel happy and healthy, and kick out whatever is making us drown in FOMO and feel less than. So go ahead, clutch your little devices in your hands and kick out anything and everything that does not. Spark. Joy.

Cleanse your feed.
Unfollow people who constantly make you feel bad, whether it’s that girl that you hated in high school or that guy from college that you just can’t get over, seeing what they’re doing constantly is not good for your mental health and will leave you with icky feelings of jealousy and a lack of self worth. If you don’t want them to know you unfollowed or just can’t let go of the occasional stalking potential, just put them on mute. Instagram and Facebook let you hide people you don’t want to see right now without cutting them out forever.

Ask why you’re sharing something.
Questioning “why do I want to put this into the world?” helps pinpoint your motivations and lets you be honest with yourself. Another boomerang of drinks at Nobu with your S.O. so everyone knows you’re having drinks at Nobu with your perfect relationship? Maybe not worth the eight tries it’ll take to get that perfect shot (and gap in the conversation in the meantime). Had an incredible experience at your new favorite restaurant for your anniversary? What a great reason to fill your friends in on the find, sprinkle some love on your S.O., and give the restaurant some social exposure!

Ask why you’re doing something.
If you’re only going to that new art museum with a long-lost friend so that you can throw it on the ‘gram and lust after likes, that’s probably not the best reason to hang out. Have another friend that has an art show at a gallery and it’s a huge deal for them and you’re there to support? Fantastic reason to attend, and also a great one to give them a social shoutout!

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Remember: YOU are in charge of what you consume.
In the age of the internet, it’s easy to forget that we have control over what we actually want to be exposed to. Consciously choosing to not see your distant relatives spammy Facebook posts about how flat the earth is is really just saving you time and anger. Staying up to date on a contentious election that you’ll be voting in actually falls more into the “responsible human” bucket – but that’s just the point, when it comes to social media, it’s all up to you.

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