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The Reason You Should Never Wash Your Face in the Shower

The Reason You Should Never Wash Your Face in the Shower

Washing your face in the shower.

We always like to think of our showers as an optimal time to multitask, but while brushing your teeth and brainstorming for your morning meeting may be reasonable ways to make the most of your daily douche, there is one thing you’re doing while showering that you might want to quit: washing your face.

Most of us consider the shower to be a normal spot to cleanse our faces – that’s where we scrub down the rest of our bodies anyway, so why not throw in that visage – but the problem with washing your face in the shower all comes down to body temperature.

“Hot water can dry out both facial and body skin, which can compromise the barrier functions of the skin,”  Sue Ann Wee, a dermatologist with the Schweiger Dermatology Group in New York, told The Klog. Washing your face in the shower also runs the risk of irritating your face because of more intense scrubbing and water pressure from the shower head.

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Instead of washing your face while showering, the key to keeping your complexion in top shape is to always wash your face at the sink, where you can make sure that you’re washing it more gently and with colder water. But an important tip to keep in mind is that you should not only wash your face outside of the shower, but also before your shower. This is because the steam from your mostly likely hot shower is going to open up your pores, and that will in turn allow any dirt or toxins sitting on your face to sink into your skin.

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