Ralph Lauren Model Justin Hopwood on Health and Wellness

Justin Hopwood is one of the most recognized faces in the modeling world. He has been featured in countless ad campaigns for Ralph Lauren and Abercrombie & Fitch.  He is originally from a small town outside of Cape Town, South Africa, and has been in New York pursuing modeling since 2010. Aside from personally wanting to be healthy, Justin’s career depends on him maintaining his adonis-like physique, and he does so by adhering to healthy lifestyle choices.

Advice To Aspiring Models

Justin Hopwood
Justin advises up-and-coming models to establish a healthy lifestyle for themselves in order to make it in the business, but also for their own personal well-being.  He honestly acknowledges the reality of his industry.  “It’s a short lived career and they should try to make the most of it. What that means is living the healthiest lifestyle they can from the very beginning.”

Justin recommends training at least three to four times weekly.  Hopwood’s preferred workout is running or biking, preferably outdoors. Running is therapeutic for him as he is able to zone out and reflect on his day. He says it’s important to include both cardio and weight training into your routine. However, Hopwood also explains that he needs to be mindful of heavy lifting, as he needs to maintain a certain size for his area of work.

In addition, eating healthy is key as “you are what you eat.”  His belief in healthy living aligns well with the expectations of his job, as he believes “ultimately being healthy is what creates wealth and longevity.”  A healthy standard of living will affect how your overall body looks – physique, skin, and even hair – and that will be captured by the camera.

One key rule that he emphasizes is that the most important component in any diet is generally avoiding all bad carbs! Justin rarely indulges in bad carbs including rice, bread, and sugar. Not surprisingly, he also avoids all oily and greasy foods, and follows a clean diet by eating mainly steamed and boiled foods. In particular, his diet includes a variety of different fish – salmon, sea bass, and tuna – and skinless meats.

Justin’s motto is to “‘eat clean and train every day’ – I think if people embrace that mindset they can go a long way toward eating, feeling, and looking good.”

Life in New York

Justin Hopwood

There is never a dull moment living in New York – so many things to do and places to explore!  It would be a shame to deny oneself of dining at any of the many top rated restaurants in the city.  So how do you work around eating clean while eating out?  Justin agrees that it is difficult to adhere to such a strict diet as so many dishes are tempting.  “When you’re really taking your health seriously, going out to dinner is a real challenge.”  That being said, it is doable.

One of the main reasons why Justin started eating so much fish is because it is an easy and healthy option to find on a restaurant menu. His dinner order is usually based off of whether or not he trained hard that day, allowing more or less calories. Typically, Hopwood orders a “light entrée paired with a healthy starter.”  When dining out, Justin usually chooses fish paired with a salad – a light option that still fills him up.

Moments of silence are rare when you have such a packed schedule and live in such a busy city. Hopwood finds some periods of downtime throughout his day, whether it’s during a modeling shoot or while he is on long runs, to reflect on his life. He says that these times are where he gets his “spiritual release” and he is able to “recharge and reconnect with people.”

A healthy lifestyle is all-encompassing – fitness, state of mind and nutrition.  Once you get into a routine that works best for you, you will certainly reap the benefits and be all the happier to stick to it.


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