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Quiz: What Vacation Should You Take This Year?

Quiz: What Vacation Should You Take This Year?

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There are 195 countries in the world. That’s 195 amazing and totally unique destinations that you can travel to. From France’s romantic flair to Japan’s perfect-for-a-foodie sushi and eats, vacation spots and their offerings are endless—which can be as perplexing as it is exciting. With so many places you could possibly go, deciding on the perfect getaway can be daunting. But fret no more. Sit back, relax, and let us do all the hard work. Take this personality quiz and we’ll make the choice for you. Ready, set, get packing!

You're home alone for the day. What do you do?

In your friend group, which one are you?

You’re out Friday night. What’s your go-to cocktail?

What’s your dream home?

Which movie character do love the most?

What’s your favorite plant-based candle scent?

You find yourself craving something sweet. What do you indulge in?

You’re at the gym. What’s your biggest distraction?

You’re attending a formal event this weekend. What makeup look do you opt for?

What relaxes you the most after a stressful week at work?

Quiz: What Vacation Should You Take This Year

You're someone who loves organization and order, andsome (okay, fine, most)of your friends might call you a “neat freak.”, But you just like things around you to be clean and organized. While you aren't the most outspoken of the bunch, you love to share your experiences via social media. You may be a little Instagramobsessed, but it's introduced you to the world of travel photography, which you instantly fell in love with. You live a fairly minimalist lifestyle, and love simple yet high-quality things. You seriously value internal peace and value your alone time. But when you make connections, you build long-lasting and impactful relationships. You love observing the world around you, and love discovering new, culturally unique places. Japan is your perfect match, and you'll not only be blown away by its picturesque landscapes and gargantuan urban jungles, but also by its deliciously simple (and high-quality) foods. Extra perk: Japan is one of the cleanest countries in the world. What do you say—ready to book a flight?

You're someone who loves great food, delicious wine, and amazing people. Rather than having a definitive and strict itinerary, you prefer wandering aimlessly, visiting random boutiques, trying out street food, etc. You live through an authentic and real experience. What you love most, though, is interacting with unique characters, and learning about the different cultures around you. You're like a sponge—always absorbing new information and sharing it with the world. Quite naturally, you have an extremely outgoing personality and love cozying up with a few buddies, with a forkful of pasta in one hand, and a nice glass of wine in the other! Simply put, you're the personalization of "la dolce vita," and what better place to live beautifully than Italy?


You're someone who loves experiencing life to its fullest. No matter how old you are; going out until dawn, playing extreme sports, and indulging in delicious foods are weekly occurrences. You're a firecracker and love to show it—you never back down when faced with challenges, you always take a joke a hundred steps further, and dancing is a longtime passion of yours. In your down time, you have a strong appreciation for beautiful things like art, culture, and history—It wouldn't be surprising if you studied sociology, anthropology, or art history. And lucky for you, the Greeks also love entertainment and are passionate about preserving their unique cultural heritage, so where better to head on your next holiday than the country known as the “cradle of Western civilization.” Opa!

You’re someone who loves a wild adventure. As long as you’re surrounded by passionate explorers and nature’s grandiosity, you’re down to do anything! Organizing hikes and camping is much harder than booking a hotel in a big city, but you always love a good challenge, and it doesn’t hurt that being orderly, methodical, and planning ahead come fairly naturally to you. That’s why, unsurprisingly, you’re often seen as the “pack leader” or the “mom” of the group. Like most “moms” you love family and surrounding yourself with loved ones, so hosting potlucks and casual, comfy get-togethers has become your brand. And what better place to enjoy nature’s beauty and heartfelt people than Peru? Ready for the start of a new adventure?

You’re someone who spews kindness and generosity. You’ll go above and beyond to make the people around you happy (even if it’s detrimental to your own happiness, at times). You endeavor to ace every project you undertake, making you a bit of a perfectionist. Most people see that as a one of your greatest qualities, while a select few others may see it as a sign of stubbornness. In casual settings you are very easygoing, love to party, and enjoy talking about the world’s curiosities. However, you also like to spend time alone, and self-reflect (a lot). You love the ocean and mountains because they remind you of the world’s endless possibilities, and appreciate the cold because your body has to work diligently to stay warm (which reflects your “work hard” mentality to its fullest). Based on your personality traits, make Finland your new home for a week or two—you’ll fit right in!

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