Quiz: What’s the Best Workout for Your Personality?

Getting a workout into your day is crucial to keeping your health on point, but that doesn’t mean that fitness needs to mean the same exact thing for all of us. While some people might find their personalities and lifestyle better suited for something with high intensity and a group mindset, like Crossfit, others might find themselves more fond of more relaxed fitness trends, like yoga. Find out what kind of workout you’re best suited for according to your personality, then hit the gym and get that calorie burn on.

About Tamara Rahoumi

Tamara Rahoumi is a writer on The Path Editorial Team. She is a graduate of Rutgers University and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in magazine journalism at NYU. Her passion for wellness always has her researching the latest fitness trends, experimenting with recipes from superfood cookbooks, and working towards an overall healthier and happier lifestyle. In addition to reading her articles on The Path, you can follow her adventures on her lifestyle blog, The Curly Nomad.