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Quinoa: Facts and Recipes

Quinoa: Facts and Recipes

Cooked and ready in only 25 minutes, quinoa is especially easy to prepare.  All you need to do is pour it in boiling water or a broth of your choice and let the stove do the rest.  Whole grains are important sources of essential nutrients, and quinoa is packed with fiber. Quinoa is also a great plant protein source, and it can supercharge your diet with iron.  If you don’t include much meat in your diet, the protein and iron content in this superfood is definitely a major plus.  The possibilities are endless when it comes to quinoa recipes.  From breakfast bowls to quinoa burgers, there is so much you can discover right in your kitchen.



One Pan Mexican Quinoa

Mexican quinoa is definitely a personal favorite.  This festive dish is great on its own, as a salad add-on, or for a healthy burrito.  If you’re a lover of Mexican cuisine, this recipe is a must.  Spicy or not, the beans and veggies make for a healthy and delicious meal that will leave you feeling satisfied.  

Get the full recipe from Damn Delicious



Quinoa Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Granola Cookies

Cutting out dessert to avoid getting off track with your health streak? No need! Whole grains aren’t exactly the first food you think of when you’re ready to whip up some homemade cookie dough, but healthy baked goods really do exist.  You can still steer clear of a sweets binge, because these quinoa cookies are proof that indulgence doesn’t need to be unhealthy.

Get the full recipe from Mel’s Kitchen



5 Ingredient Quinoa Superfood Breakfast Bowl

An extravagant and Instagram worthy breakfast doesn’t need to take up your whole morning or turn your kitchen upside down.  This 5-ingredient recipe is easy and mess-free.  Whole grains, protein, fiber, and calcium are ideal nutrients to include in your breakfast, and this simple recipe has them all.  Not a breakfast person? Try it as a filling and replenishing post-workout meal.

Get the full recipe from Two Raspberries    



Mediterranean Quinoa Burger

A veggie burger that’s packed with protein? Get the best of both worlds and stick to your vegetarian ways while keeping your protein intake on point.  Meat is an easy way to fill up on protein, but this quinoa burger still gets you the goods.  Add a whole grain bun, and you’ll be in superfood heaven.

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Green Kale Quinoa Salad

If you’re looking for a light meal that will still keep you full, this kale quinoa salad is the one for you.  Vegetables aren’t always ideal for holding you over, but this is not your average salad.  Quinoa is full of protein and fiber, which are the perfect combo to fight hunger.  This recipe avoids putting you in a food coma but won’t leave your stomach growling just 20 minutes later.

Get the full recipe from Chef Savvy

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