Make Your Sweet Treats Healthier with These Simple Upgrades

While most can agree that eating clean and making healthier choices comes with all sorts of redeeming qualities, it never really gets easier to fend off the occasional – err, frequent? – sugar craving. But the good news is, some small little ingredient swaps – think goodbye flour, and hello chickpeas – can easily take your favorite sweet treats from guilty to guilt-free. Check out these easy upgrades for three classic desserts, and get ready to indulge all you want, sans regret. Because let’s be real: a happy waistline should never make you compromise happy taste buds.

Healthier baking with chickpea cookie dough, black bean brownies, and Greek yogurt lemon bar.

About Tamara Rahoumi

Tamara Rahoumi is a writer on The Path Editorial Team. She is a graduate of Rutgers University and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in magazine journalism at NYU. Her passion for wellness always has her researching the latest fitness trends, experimenting with recipes from superfood cookbooks, and working towards an overall healthier and happier lifestyle. In addition to reading her articles on The Path, you can follow her adventures on her lifestyle blog, The Curly Nomad.