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Bored in Quarantine? Master These 17 Skills to Kill Time

Bored in Quarantine? Master These 17 Skills to Kill Time

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Quarantine is the perfect time to learn something new. Whether it be related to entertainment, wellness, or professional growth, acquiring a new skill is a productive way to kill time during social isolation. After learning a new hobby or practice, you’ll feel super accomplished. You’ll have discovered a new passion and achieved something other than binge-watching all eight seasons of GoT (again). Awesome! If you need a little inspiration, here are a few of the things we recommend getting into while you’re staying in.

  1. If social isolation is getting your creative juices flowing, pour them into poetry. From simple haikus to free verse, there are dozens of styles you can pick from. And who knows, you might become the Emily Dickinson of our time?
  2. Not into writing? Throw your imagination into painting. There are tons of styles (e.g., cubism, expressionism, etc.) you can choose from and thousands of tools you can use (e.g., YouTube tutorials, art books etc.) to create beautiful works of art. Hang a few in your home for some truly authentic decor!
  3. If, like us, your childhood dream was to become a professional juggler, now is the time to teach yourself (though we recommend keeping it purely recreational for now — hold off on mapping out the career change).
  4. If your the queen of DIY, master the craft of candle-making! You might find it super relaxing, and it might save you a pretty penny on all of those fancy candles you find yourself stocking up on.
  5. Is your best friend’s birthday coming up? Design a beautiful card using calligraphy, and mail it to your bestie (old school). You’ll learn something new and make your friend’s day!
  6. Paper isn’t only used for writing, it’s also used for origami. Recreate cranes and other cool animals to keep you company during quarantine.
  7. Knit yourself a huge blanket in anticipation of those stargazing summer nights in the great outdoors.
  8. Sick of Wine Wednesdays? Switch things up with Cocktail Tuesdays. Learn how to make the coolest drinks in town and become a superstar with the spirits.
  9. Dancing in public can, for many, be subject of embarrassment. Now that you’re cooped up indoors alone, use this solitary time to learn how to dance with confidence — no judgment guaranteed.
  10. Dying to visit France in the summertime? Sharpen up your French language skills with Duolingo.  
  11. Be ready for all types of emergencies by (finally) learning CPR.
  12. Clearing your mind after a stressful day at work, or recovering from an emotionally draining week is sometimes necessary to start anew — especially these days. Meditation helps you do just that but requires skills you can tackle during social isolation. There are several apps and online how-to’s to get you started.
  13. Teach yourself about skincare. Your skin is your largest organ, and can say a lot about your health. For instance, if you’re eating takeout every night, you’ll break out or if you’re overexposing yourself to sunshine, you’ll burn. In other words, learning about your skin — is it dry, porous, pigmented or not at all? — and determining what skincare products work best for you — are you looking for non-comedogenic ointments, or oils? — are great ways to learn about yourself, bust most importantly, about your health.
  14. Houseplants are super beneficial for you and your space; they absorb toxins from indoor air, add life to a room, and boost your mental health. But like all living things, they require attention, love, and care. That being said, learn how to properly feed and water your plants and promise yourself you’ll never let another cactus die under your watch.
  15. Free time isn’t always about leisure, entertainment, and wellness. A few spare hours can also be used to learn about all the boring and daunting things you’ve always deliberately set aside, like taxes. There’s a good chance that your accountant or Turbotax does your taxes for you every year, but knowing how the IRS system works is crucial for financial health. And it never hurts to know where your money goes, right?
  16. Speaking of money, learning how to properly manage and grow your wealth is an asset for personal development. Look into resources to help you learn more about personal finance so that you can feel more in control of your money. Even though this activity sounds boring, learning how to properly spend, save and invest can be necessary to living a fruitful life. 
  17. What makes humans stand out from any other animal on this planet are our highly developed communication skills. We are the most powerful social beings on earth, allowing us to collaborate on projects, and build long-lasting relationships. It’s quite natural that eloquence, and public speaking skills are necessary to increase your chances of succeeding. That being said, teach yourself how to tell better stories for greater social impact in personal and professional settings. 
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