Issue #56: The Energy Issue

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While the big wigs and politicians may debate over the best sources of renewable energy, the rest of us are wondering where we can find more energy for ourselves each day. It’s a real dilemma, one that restarts each morning, but there are simple solutions to our energy deficiencies.

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How to feel more energized

The good news is that there are dozens of different ways to feel more energized. The bad news is that they’re not all good ideas. The number one, most important, and most satisfying way to feel more energized is to get more sleep! This cannot be understated. Sleep deprivation is unhealthy in countless ways, and trying to abate your fatigue by excessively consuming caffeine and other stimulants is a bad habit that can be very hard to break.

A well-balanced diet and proper hydration will also go a long way towards providing long lasting energy, with or without caffeine. Of course, a lot goes into the phrase “well-balanced diet.” Sugary foods high in glucose or fructose can yield “sugar highs” and short bursts of energy, but they’re often followed by a crash. Whole grains are a much healthier and more filling source of energy. A healthy balance of acids and bases will also go a long way towards sustaining more consistent energy levels each day. One dietary pillar that seems to be overlooked more and more often these days is protein.

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How protein can help with energy levels

It’s important to note that protein’s primary role is building and repairing tissues like muscle, skin, and hair, as well as helping power organs and hormones. However, excess protein can be used as energy. So having enough each day is critical for a healthy metabolism, but protein will also fight sugar and caffeine crashes. If your diet is shortchanging protein and you feel subjected to high fluctuating energy levels every day, it may be time to work some more into your meals.

With that said, it’s not wise to rely on protein for your energy. Fruits, vegetables, and good carbohydrates should complement high protein foods like meats, cheeses, and nuts. Next to sleep, your diet is most likely to affect your energy levels from day to day (that includes proper hydration). Balance is important, but make sure you’re getting enough power from protein or you could be dozing off more than necessary. 

While trying to get more sources of protein in your diet is important for higher energy levels, you still might be lacking in essential nutrients. Supplements are a great option to help provide nutrients that food doesn’t. Find out how WellPath’s nutritional solutions can help you reach the proper levels of nutrients and optimize your health.

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