Tea Forte Matcha Tea Set


We talk about matcha and its health benefits aplenty on the regular. But, one day, while going on and on about why matcha is a necessary staple in every pantry, we realized that, Wait, we don’t even have matcha. Naturally, that thought process lead to, What kind of matcha should we get? And that lead to, Oh, and isn’t there some kind of whisk thing we’re supposed to use with it? Like, it’s not a whisk, but it’s kind of like a whisk with a flat top and you use it to mix the tea, like you would with a whisk. So kind of a whisk, maybe. Okay, yeah, we just Googled, and it’s a whisk. Once we wrapped up that stream of thoughts, we realized that we might not be the only ones in need of a little matcha starter kit. Hence, this matcha starter kit. Complete with the whisk and everything.

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