Issue #111: The Fun Issue

The popularity of spin started off as a craze that made it feel a little bit like the hot fitness trend du jour that would probably have its time in the spotlight and then fizzle. But the workout has quickly proven that it’s here to stay, with high-energy spin classes rocking the fitness scene and holding the (super fast-pumping) hearts of wellness fanatics everywhere. And when it comes to taking spin to the next level, no company is doing that better than Peloton, which has totally shaken up the way that people can experience spin – specifically, by letting them reap the invigorating benefits of a group spin class right from the comfort of their own home. Thanks to the cutting edge Peloton indoor bike and an array of live, on-demand classes taught by some of the most talented (not to mention, energetic) instructors around, Peloton has made it so that a spin session in your living room feels just as great as one done in the company of other spinners at a studio. Here, we chat with Jess King, one of the instructors who makes Peloton’s model such a success and whose background in dance managed to pave the way to spin.

Pelaton Jess King
Facebook / Jess King Peloton

You had your start in fitness through dance. Can you tell me a bit more about that?

Before I made the transition into the fitness industry for myself, I had an abundant career in dance that started on FOX’s So You Think You Can Dance. I toured the world teaching and performing and was the lead role in a Cirque du Soleil production in Las Vegas. My mother was a competitive bodybuilder, the owner of personal training boutique fitness studios, and she educated and exposed me to all the things fitness and wellness. Making the transition into fitness was natural.

How did Peloton come about?

I was dancing in a show in NYC and my producer suggested I take a meeting with Peloton, as they were looking for coaches.

What drew you to that opportunity?

I felt confident as an authority on the body and in my abilities to perform and connect with an audience. What drew me to Peloton was the impact on people’s lives I would now have. As a dancer you seek to elicit emotion from your audience via physical expression. Peloton gave my physical expression a voice! I’ve always had a message of empowerment and self love. I am honored to be able to still perform, move my body and change people’s lives as a consequence.

What was the transition like, going from being a dancer to working as an instructor with Peloton?

The transition was seamless. It was like my whole life had prepared me for that moment.

Peloton group photo with Jess King
Facebook / Jess King Peloton

Can you tell me a little bit more about Peloton?

Peloton is revolutionizing the fitness industry through technology by enabling you to get the best workout anytime, anywhere.

How do the classes work exactly?

Our bike allows riders to take live and on-demand group fitness classes led by elite instructors, including myself, from the comfort and convenience of their own homes.

How is it different being an instructor with Peloton than it would be working as an instructor for a typical spin class?

I’m teaching up to 3 classes a day, not only for live in-studio riders, but also motivating virtual riders that are many states away!

What has been your favorite thing about joining the team of instructors?

Peloton has given me a platform that provides content to thousands of riders around the country. It’s thrilling to work alongside world-class athletes that also motivate, inspire and influence people in a health and wellness space.