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Peak Performance Founder Joe Dowdell On Industry Trends

Peak Performance Founder Joe Dowdell On Industry Trends

Joe Dowdell’s motivational teaching style along with his extensive knowledge of fitness and the human body have led to wild success with Peak Performance, one of the top three gyms in the nation. Joe has received a ton of industry accolades and has long been considered one of the most important people in the fitness industry. He has trained numerous celebrities and athletes during his career. He doesn’t have much left to prove, but it seems to be to be in his DNA to constantly strive to do new things. Most recently, he and his partners opened a hot new restaurant, Café Clover, in New York City, where there is a focus on healthy, farm-to-table cuisine.

Joe Dowdell

Truly Healthy Take-Out

The idea for Café Clover came to fruition when Joe noticed a lack of “truly healthy” restaurants in New York City. Sure, many local eateries offer organic and healthy ingredients, but, “there are very few that are truly healthy or they are extremely narrow in their offering or it’s really a healthy take-out spot.” A great idea was born, a great location was found (10 Downing Street, NYC), and Café Clover was established.

Joe Dowdell

Wellness Regimen

Dowdell has trained a large number of celebrities and athletes at some point or another. Each person has unique needs and goals, resulting in different training strategies. Joe’s secret to maintaining his toned physique is training in mixed martial arts. In addition to MMA, he weight trains on his off days. In terms of nutrition, “there isn’t one thing, rather it’s a combination of proper nutrition, quality sleep, and smart, focused, and consistent training. I always tell people being lean is a lifestyle. If you talk to people with great physiques, you will find one overriding theme in their lives, it’s called discipline.”

joe dowdell

With such a busy lifestyle, it’s important to make it a point to center yourself and find something that allows you to decompress. Dowdell’s secret is using Sundays to relax and often takes off from training as well. Joe takes the day to spend time doing leisurely activities that he loves, mainly spending time with his dog. “If I’m in the city and it’s a nice day out, I will take my dog to the dog park over near the Westside Highway. I just sit down on a bench; drink my coffee and watch all of the dogs play, run and socialize.” When he’s not in New York, Joe enjoys spending his free time surfing, “there’s just something about being in the ocean, paddling on your board and riding a few waves that is so calming and Zen-like.”

Gym Trends

The new gym Dowdell has been working on is designed to trump the current Peak Performance both in terms of size, scope and sophistication. Its design “will be the epicenter where exercise science, state-of-the-art fitness equipment, top level coaching, technology and a beautiful, yet functional, aesthetic all come together under one roof to create a truly unique offering in the industry.”

This gym will be a private members club whereby you will have to train twice a month (mandatory) with a Peak coach in addition to the monthly membership. Unlike the current Peak, members will have access to the facility even without their coaches. They will also have three boutique studios (Physique 57 Barre, Tara Stiles from Strala Yoga and our very own group training offering, Peak Output) inside the facility, in addition to traditional training equipment. Aside from the boutique studios, there will also be a juice bar/café, men’s and women’s locker rooms with saunas and steam rooms, a regeneration room with a cryotherapy chamber and float pod as well as several soft tissue treatment rooms all located within the gym facility.


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The entire facility is going to incorporate some of the latest technology in order to help clients maximize their workouts and results. Some of these devices will allow you to see your body composition analysis as well as monitor your heart rate, training intensity and caloric expenditure throughout your workout. “Technology will be a big part of our eco-system as it will allow us to objectively assess, monitor, and track key physiological variables so we can optimize our members’ nutrition, training, and recovery for maximum results.”

Dowdell continued explaining the facility, “Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of where we think the ‘future of fitness’ is headed.” The new gym will be more than double the size of the existing Peak Performance, “creating a complete wellness eco-system under one roof.”

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