Issue #102: The Invigoration Issue
June 21, 2017

Wrk It Out: Q&A with Owner and Founder of New York’s WRKNYC

Personal training gone group fitness.

4 Fresh Juices for an Early Morning Energy Boost

Goodbye french press, hello juicer.

7 Scrubs and Body Oils to Brighten Skin

A glowing complexion is just a few of these products away.

6 Foods That Will Banish Bloating in No Time

This one goes out to all those times your jeans refused to zip up.

A 5-Minute Yoga-Stretch Sequence That Will Totally Invigorate Your Morning

Sometimes your morning calls for a little more than coffee.

Issue #101: The Herbal Issue
June 14, 2017

5 Herbal Teas You Don’t Have in Your Pantry That It’s Time to Add

Now *this* is what we call comfort in a cup.


The Best Grow-It-Yourself Herbs for Total Herb-Growing Newbies

Your kitchen is about to replace the spice aisle...


4 Creative Ways to Use All Those Extra Fresh Herbs

Because let's face it – you're never, ever going to use all the cilantro.


3 Herb-Infused Water Ideas for an Early Morning Detox

Plain water has never felt more bland.


This Sleep Drink is the Ultimate Secret to a Restful Night

Better sleep is just a few sips away...

Issue #100: The Perish Issue
June 7, 2017

7 Oblique Exercises That Will Banish a Muffin Top Just in Time for Summer

Because nobody really loves those love handles, right?


5 Things You Think Are Making You Healthier But That You Can Actually Stop

Believe us, your energy will be better spent on healthier habits than these.


5 Make-Ahead Lunch Ideas That You Can Prep on a Sunday

A little food prep on Sunday will go a long way all week.


Here’s How to Know When it’s Time to Replace Your Fitness Gear

The harder you sweat, the sooner you're going to want to swap out that sweatband.


A Guide to Expiration Dates for All Your Makeup

Even that limited edition lipstick hue has a limited lifespan (sigh).



Issue #5: The Mind Issue
March 7, 2016

Become the Master of Your Mind

Our experts weigh in on how to control your mind.

Inside Supermodel Turned Entrepreneur Julie Henderson’s Healthy Life and New Venture

We interviewed Julie Henderson to learn about how she maintains a healthy life while juggling two careers.

3 Exciting New Pieces of Mind Technology

These new pieces of technology are making science fiction a reality.

Top 5 Ways to Hack your Brain

Optimize your brain with these pillars of brain health.


Brain Training Companies: Do they work?

This industry seemingly appeared overnight and has garnered millions of advocates. But does the science support the claims?