Issue #107: The Discipline Issue
July 26, 2017

These Tricks Help You Stick to a Healthy Diet, Even When You Really Don’t Want To

Easy? Not always. Possible? Absolutely.

7 Ways to Get Yourself to the Gym When You’re Not Feeling Motivated

Talking to yourself isn't weird if it gets you to the gym, we promise.

Could Giving into That Afternoon Power Nap Be Wrecking Your Health?

That seemingly innocent catnap isn't as harmless as you think.

3 Ways to Deal with Those Pesky Sugar Cravings That Won’t Stop

How can something so wrong feel so right?

How to Squeeze an Office Workout Right Into Your Workday

A full workday should never mean no workout.

Issue #106: The Coordination Issue
July 19, 2017

The Best Face Washes for Your Skin Type

The wrong wash is basically as bad as no wash at all.


Here’s What to Cook to Go Along with Your Workout

A better workout starts in the kitchen.


5 Sneakers You Need for Different Workouts

It's all about finding the right kicks to kickstart your workout.


3 Exercises That Will Help Improve Your Coordination

Sometimes a well-balanced routine actually involves, you know, balancing.


The Absolute Best Side Dishes to Go with Your Favorite Proteins

These side dishes are about to become the main attraction.

Issue #105: The Revival Issue
July 12, 2017

3 Fitness Tricks That Can Revive a Stale Routine

Your workout is a lot to get a major upgrade.


5 Exercises to Help You Recover from a Full Day of Sitting Down

Office life ain't got nothing on these moves.


How a Quick Daily Meditation Can Totally Refresh Your Life

It's amazing what a healthy dose of mindfulness can do.


3 Ways to Revive Your Tired – and Yes, It’s Tired – Hair

Get your locks in tip top shape with these essential bits of wisdom.


7 Energy-Boosting Breakfast Recipes to Start Your Day Off Right

These recipes are all you need for the perfect morning.



Issue #22: The Balance Issue
March 7, 2016

How Andrea Rogers Created the Method Behind Xtend Barre

How a former pro dancer and Pilates instructor combined the two to create a new fitness phenomenon.

5 Mindset Hacks to Simplify Your Healthy Eating Plan

It starts with a funny face; maybe a little sigh; or sometimes even a little groan. Signs of what you don't want to hear when laying out the next steps in someone's health eating plan.

Evolution of Footwear

Shoe insoles for proper foot support are quickly becoming the norm. Learn how footwear has changed throughout the years and what to do to find the right shoe for you.


Eliminate Stress, Crush Unhealthy Habits, and Get Fit With Mindfulness

We often let our circumstances control us. Rid your life of stress and take control of your day with these simple tips.

Barefoot Running

Unlace those new Nikes. Experts weigh in on the benefits of going bare during your run.