Issue #12: The Mythbuster Issue
March 7, 2016

Improve Your Gut Health For a Happier You

Your gut, also known as your "second brain" tells your mind how to feel after processing the food you intake. Learn how to improve your mood through your diet.

The Secret to the Perfect Diet

Everyone is highly unique in their nutritional requirements and diet options are endless. Find out how to get started with choosing the perfect nutrition plan.

4 Nutrition Myths You May Believe

Reading through countless nutrition books with contradictory information? Knock these four myths out of the way here.

5 Surprising Fitness Myths Debunked

If you're not a fitness expert, it can be hard to understand what's right and what's wrong in the world of information that we live in. Read on to find answers you might be looking for.

Do You Make These 6 Muscle Building Mistakes?

Are you training hard and not gaining muscle? Check out if you are making one of these common muscle building mistakes.