Issue #4: The Boxing Issue
March 7, 2016

3 of the Best New Boxing Gyms

Want to step into the ring? Here are a few of our favorite places to train.

Inside THINspired Author Mara Schiavocampo’s Wellness Journey

We sat down for a conversation with the author, ABC News Correspondent and emmy-award winning journalist to talk about her own path to a healthier life and her advice for how others can do so too.

The Reemergence of Boxing

Boxing is having a renaissance in part fueled by a renewed desire for challenging workouts and the virality afforded by social media. We take a deeper look into the drivers behind the trend.

WellPath Inspiration: Bruce Lee

The man most responsible for popularizing martial arts in the western world and who remains a source of inspiration to anyone who aspires to achieve the impossible.

The 4 Fundamental Boxing Exercises

Boxing requires a unique combination of footwork, hand eye coordination and power. Each dimension requires a different training protocol - we break it down for you to get you fight ready.