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Our Favorite Coffee Accessories 

Our Favorite Coffee Accessories 

Many of us cannot function without our morning cup o’ joe, but lucky for us, coffee actually has several health benefits that make it a welcome addition to your morning routine. When consumed in a moderate amount (moderate, being the operative word), coffee can actually help maintain healthy heart function and prevent Type II Diabetes. With that in mind, here are some cool coffee tools to help you make the best possible java.


81vSzOfdtEL._SL1500_Ground Coffee Dispenser

If you prefer to buy your coffee in bulk, keeping your grounds fresh can be difficult. This dispenser is a perfect way to keep your grounds smelling and tasting perfect. The Zevro dispenses one tablespoon of coffee at a time, which is just the right amount to make a cup of home brewed coffee. This is the perfect tool for the dedicated coffee drink who wouldn’t be opposed to a kitchen that feels (and smells) more or less like a coffeeshop with every brew.

Zevro Ground Coffee Dispenser, $17


Froth.PLUS.72dpiMilk Frother

One of the things that separates the coffee you make in your kitchen from the coffee from the java joint next to your office is their superior equipment. (It’s hard to replicate the taste of that double tall, nonfat cappuccino in your home when you’re trying to froth your milk in the microwave). With this top notch milk frother, though, you can finally close the gap by making coffeeshop quality drinks right at home.

Capresso Milk Frother, $56


dgb625-silo._V162566136_Automatic Coffee Maker

Most of us are rushed in the morning, and have to resort to a quick stop at the drive-thru for some morning caffeine. That’s why this automatic coffee maker is so perfect. The automatic coffee maker makes grinding up coffee beans and brewing a fresh cup of homemade coffee a total cinch by doing all the work for you. It includes a measuring cup and can make 4 cups of coffee, enough to satiate you and whoever else you make coffee for in the morning.

Cuisinart Automatic Coffee Maker, $72


91ohv+-KYnL._SX522_Coffee Joulies

Few things are worse than burning your mouth on a cup of coffee. Unfortunately, the opposite of that – a cup of java that’s barely lukewarm – is basically just as bad. To help you achieve the perfect cup every time, these “Joulies” – small, stainless-steel capsules containing a special liquid that takes in energy and slowly melts – help keep your coffee the perfect temperature much longer than a normal cup.

Coffee Joulies, $67

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41+LHIP-xKL._SY300_Stainless Steel French Press

Drink coffee like a Parisian with your very own French Press. This super easy way to make coffee will have you brewing your own java in minutes. And because this method of brewing doesn’t call for the use of any coffee filters, you can enjoy every cup of coffee without any reservations knowing that each brew is totally eco-friendly. Plus, an attractive appliance like this will also look great in just about any kitchen.

LINKYO Stainless Steel French Press, $23




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