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Need a Mental Boost at Work? Try Getting a Plant for Your Desk

Need a Mental Boost at Work? Try Getting a Plant for Your Desk


We’ve all had those Wednesdays where you spend the day thinking it’s Thursday (so close to the weekend) only to find out, thanks to a “hump day” remark from a co-worker, that it is, in fact, Wednesday. Sigh.

Now, if the occasional – or, you know, embarrassingly frequent – confusion about days, dwindling energy levels, and difficulty focusing throughout the workday are an indication of anything, it’s that you could probably use a little brain boost at the office. And, sure, you can step out for a coffee break every afternoon or set a timer to remind yourself to hydrate throughout the day, or, you can just get a plant.

Yes, a plant.

Here’s the deal: plants do a lot more than just brighten up an office space and add a little greenery to the environment; the added foliage can also work wonders on how productive you are throughout the workday. In fact, some studies have shown that having a few plants around the office can lead to a 15 percent increase in workplace productivity, while simultaneously helping boost general office wellbeing, happiness, and workplace engagement. Plants in the workplace have also been linked to better memory, which we could always use a little extra boost of.

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And even if you’re putting the productivity benefits of indoor plants aside (I mean, you shouldn’t, but even if you are), there’s a host of other pros to take into account. Like the fact that NASA – NASA, people – has touted plants for their ability to remove toxins from the air. Or the fact that research has found plants pretty effective in reducing stress levels.

So, just to recap, plants in the workplace = better performance in the workplace. It’s kind of that simple. As for reaping those benefits, the answer can be as simple as grabbing a small bonsai plant or succulent to keep on your desk. While the latter is the simpler of the two to care for – succulents aren’t too needy with water or sunlight – bonsais might be something for a more well-versed plant person. Either way, find something that works for you and see for yourself how a little greenery can seriously improve your performance at work.

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