These Are Some of the Most Painful Facial Treatments Around

Cosmetican performing photo rejuvenation cosmetology laser facial treatment procedure for a woman

Women are always willing to suffer a bit in the name of beauty. But even so, there are some treatments that rank a bit higher on the pain-o-meter, if you will, than others. For example, a soothing, heated charcoal face mask isn’t quite on the same level as microneedling, which literally consists of running a roller with tiny needles over your face to promote collagen production. To break it down a bit, we’ve pinpointed some of the more painful facial treatments out there, each of which serves as a testament to the age-old adage, beauty is pain (is it, ever!).

Chemical Facial Peel

When a facial treatment includes applying a chemical solution to your face in order to remove the surface layer of skin, you know you’re not talking about a treatment that really feels like a walk in the park. This treatment works to peel away the skin’s top layer in order to reveal new, healthier skin. However, it can be tough to enjoy the benefits of the treatment right away, since a chemical peel typically leaves your face a little pink or red for a while before the slight irritation and discoloration wears off.

Laser Facial

A laser facial is exactly what it sounds like: a facial treatment that involves lasers, and lots of them. By using non-invasive lasers and light therapy, laser facials essentially reduce breakouts, the appearance of acne scars, and the effects of sun damage by targeting irregular skin and removing skin layers. The treatment also vaporizes dirt in the pores and dead skin cells on the surface of the face to reveal a young, healthy-looking complexion.

Vampire Facial

A vampire facials is, well, not exactly what it sounds like, in that it doesn’t involved vampires. But it is exactly what it sounds like in that it involves blood. Your blood, to be exact. Basically, a vampire facial (which you may recognize thanks to one Kim Kardashian) involves blood that was harvested from your own body, processed, and then injected into your face. The goal? To reduce the appearance of aging, crepey-looking skin and of dark under-eye circles. For the most part, it works, but not without a lot – and we do mean a lot – of swelling and unattractive post-treatment bruising.

Ulthera Facial

Ulthera therapy is the facial that uses the power of ultrasounds to essentially give your face a non-invasive, surgery-free “face lift.” The treatment stimulates collagen production through the transfer of ultrasound energy into the skin, and that in turn helps tighten and lift the skin around the eyebrows, the neck, the cheeks, and around the mouth and chin.

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