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Mirror is the Fitness Tech Bringing Training to Your Home

Mirror is the Fitness Tech Bringing Training to Your Home


Live personalized fitness classes streamed straight to your living room wall. Sounds pretty good, right? Well, Mirror‘s here for that.

Picture this: a basic, full-length mirror one minute, then a totally hi-tech, in-home fitness experience the next. That’s exactly what we’re working with here. When it’s off, Mirror acts like any other full-length mirror, making it an easy decorative element to add to your bedroom or living room wall without it feeling out of place. When it’s turned on, Mirror becomes an interactive source of fitness instruction and exercise routines with the power of customization at your fingertips. Think of this kind of like a comprehensive home gym, but without the heavy duty (not to mention, totally space-monopolizing) treadmill or elliptical.

“Mirror is the first to bring the collective benefits of quality fitness studios into the home with a beautiful piece of hardware that enhances any room,” said founder Brynn Putnam in a release tied to the new product’s launch.


Person using their phone to control Mirror

Controlling the Mirror is simple, and can be done with the device’s accompanying app (iOS-only, for now). Choose to join live classes streamed from an NYC studio (complete with personal shout-outs and motivating encouragements from the trainers) or make a selection from tons of on-demand options. Currently, Mirror provides cardio, strength, yoga, barre, Pilates, boxing, HIIT, and more. The company also plans to launch personal training options soon.

As far as tracking your progress over time, Mirror works with a Bluetooth heart rate monitor, and AppleWatch, to monitor your heart rate and show your health stats in real-time. The hunky piece of hardware can even adjust the workout according to your physical needs and fitness levels, working around injuries and helping you attain reachable goals.

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Man looking in Mirror and measuring his abdomen

With more than 50 live classes a week and an extensive on-demand library, Mirror works for the whole family, allowing up to five different users to manage their own accounts. Plus, Mirror includes embedded speakers so you can sync whatever music you like to your workout. You want Fleetwood Mac yoga? Well by golly, you can have it.

Given that Mirror sounds a little more like a wellness gadget out of a Back to the Future version of 2018 than it does an a gadget of our time, it goes without saying that this feels a little too good to be true, right? Well, unfortunately – and thanks to a pretty steep price point – too good to be true is still exactly what it may be for some. Along with the initial purchase and delivery cost, which screeches in at $1,495, users pay a $39 monthly subscription for access to the platform’s exercise options.

Deciding if convenient, high-quality, stylish fitness is worth the price? Take a long, hard look in the Mirror.

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