Last-Minute Wellness Gifts for Everyone on Your Holiday Shopping List

The holidays can be tough, especially when it comes to finding the perfect gifts to keep everyone on your list happy. Luckily, the gift of health and wellness is one anybody can appreciate, whether they’re fitness fanatics, wellness gurus, or just loved ones who could use a little health boost going into the new year. No matter who you’re shopping for this year, here are some wellness gifts that can satisfy anybody on your list. 


WellPath RENEW$23

Whether or not they’re totally aware of what collagen is and whether or not they need a collagen supplement, believe us when we say they will welcome the addition of WellPath RENEW to their go-to arsenal of nutritional products. (Even if they don’t necessarily have a go-to arsenal of nutritional products, this is as good a foundation for building one as any.) With one of the most comprehensive blends of collagen on the market – RENEW has not one, not two, but five forms of key collagen – this powder is one of the simplest ways to keep skin, joint, and gut health in good shape. And what better way to kick off 2019 than with a secret weapon like this in their corner, right? 


African Botanics Kalahari Desert Bath Salts$75

Treating yourself to a bath every now and then is great. Treating yourself to a detoxifying bath, complete with a rich blend of mineral-rich salt from the Kalahari desert, toxin-removing botanicals from the southern tip of Africa, and oxygenating seaweed, is, well, better, to say the least. 

Muse Brain-Sensing Headband$26

Okay, so if you’re a newbie (and, honestly, even if you’re not), meditating can be tough. That’s why this headband, which is as close to an on-demand, on-your-head meditation coach as it’s ever going to get, is the perfect gadget for those in your life who have been wanting to give meditation a try – or just those whom you know could use a little break for their brains. With immersive sounds, real-time neurofeedback, Muse takes the guesswork out of meditating.


Cap Beauty Matcha Coconut Butter$26

Chances are, the health lovers in your life can never have quite too many ahead-of-their-time health foods in their pantry, so why not give them one more product to add to their healthy rotation of snacks? This scrumptious matcha coconut butter from Cap Beauty boasts the benefits of antioxidants and healthy fats – we’re talking benefits like a clearer mind, healthier skin, etc. – along with a ton of versatility. Whether they’re spreading it on their toast, plopping it into their smoothies, or eating it by the spoonful, this upgraded coconut butter is sure to be a welcome addition to their pantry. 


Mindfulness Cards$17

One of the biggest problems of our time is getting a little too caught up in everything on our plates or going on in our lives to just take a minute to breathe and reflect a bit. By giving the gift of mindfulness cards, you give your loved ones a chance to stop and find calmness and balance in their everyday lives. Each card gives them an inspirational phrase along with a simple mindfulness exercise to help them bring awareness inward when they find themselves getting a little lost in their day-to-day.


Myro Refillable Deodorant$10

We know, we know – giving the gift of deodorant doesn’t exactly seem all that swell. (In fact, it might even seem a little harsh.) But here’s the deal: this isn’t your regular deodorant. This is a cool deodorant. Like, very cool. With a totally eco-friendly concept behind its brand, Myro is all about clean ingredients – no aluminum, parabens, or talc, and plenty of essential oil-based scents and barley powder to keep you dry – and ease of use, thanks to its refillable, customizable containers. Long story short: this is a deodorant they’ll want to be gifted. Trust us.