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Can a Regular Kegel Regimen Improve Your Sex Life?

Can a Regular Kegel Regimen Improve Your Sex Life?

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There are already plenty of reasons why we’re not really interested in skipping our daily kegels (you know, bladder leakage isn’t exactly something we’re trying to accept as our fate, if we can help it). But in the event that you’re yet to board the kegel train and were looking for another reason to hop on, here you go: those kegels can do some serious magic for your sex life.

How, you ask? A simple-but-effective kegel regimen will seriously strengthen vaginal muscles for women, and that in turn means heightened sensations and arousal during sex. For a lot of women, that might mean achieving multiple orgasms, climaxing when they couldn’t before, and easier contraction during an orgasm because of the increased blood flow to your pelvic area.

And kegels aren’t just for the woman’s benefit, either. In addition to the fact that men can benefit from female partners’ kegels –– when a woman squeezes her pelvic floor muscles during sex, it can heighten pleasure for her male partner –– guys who do their kegels on the regular, too, can see some additional payoffs in the bedroom. For one thing, kegels can help counteract the effects of erectile dysfunction over time by helping improve blood flow to the penis. Not only does that mean more reliable erections, but it also means more, well, erect erections. Another benefit is providing a level of control over the pelvic floor muscles that helps prevent premature ejaculation. And like they do for women, kegels could heighten orgasmic sensations for men, too.

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