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Keep Your Feet From Stinking This Summer

Keep Your Feet From Stinking This Summer

Even though they’re tucked away under layers of wool all winter, stinky feet really become a problem when the going gets hot and the hot gets sweaty. There’s nothing worse than kicking off your kicks after a long day at the office and suffering on the sofa from your own smelly scent, and that’s only if you’re alone. Trust us, your roommate is even more horrified by your stinky feet than you are.

Save yourself from the embarrassment of odorous toes by using these five tips to keep your feet golden (and maybe pick up a little Gold Bond while you’re at it).

Charcoal isn’t just for grilling

You’re already using these charred remains to clean the dirt and grime off your skin, so you might as well add a layer to your insoles, too. Charcoal is great for soaking up moisture and absorbing odors, so keeping a layer between your feet and your fancy new shoes will make a handy barrier when it comes to keeping out sweat and stink.

Chuck your chucks in the freezer

You may have already used this trick to rid your jeans and sweaters of bacteria, but it works great for less-than-pleasant sneaks too. Just put your bacteria-laden shoes into a resealable bag (to keep from stankin’ up your frozen tofu) and place in the freezer overnight. The icy temperatures will zap all those stinky creepy crawlies and leave you with a scent-free pair in the morning.

Switch it up

Don’t wear the same shoes two days in a row, it’s that simple. Giving your shoes a little room to breathe will do the same for your overall smelliness and prevent layers of sweat and bacteria from building up on each other. If you wear the same shoes to work every day like it’s your religion, consider picking up a duplicate pair and switching them out every other day for the sake of the stink.

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Wash it off

Even if you aren’t trying to scrub with shampoo every day, at the bare minimum you should be rinsing off your feet before jumping between the sheets at night. Do a quick wash over with some antibacterial soap to make sure any uninvited guests take a trip down the drain, then make sure your feet are completely dry before you continue wandering around the house.

Pack on the powder

Yes, we’re getting back to Gold Bond here. There’s a reason you already associate the brand with powerful foot powder – they’re damn good at making it. Along with absorbing moisture and controlling undesirable scents, Gold Bond Maximum Strength Food Powder also cools and soothes irritated skin while providing instant itch relief. Show your toes some love, and in return they might just keep the smell down.

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