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Keep These Roll-On Scents in Your Bag This Summer for On-the-Go Touch-Ups

Keep These Roll-On Scents in Your Bag This Summer for On-the-Go Touch-Ups

What is the one item you wish you had during your midday touch-up in your office bathroom? Bring all the makeup you want, but no one is going to carry around a bottle of perfume in their purse. This is where rollerball perfume comes in. Its petite size provides an easy solution to smelling good all day long. Since they’re usually around or less than ten milliliters, you can even bring one onto longer flights.

Portability isn’t the only advantage of going pro-rollerball. According to related studies, perfumes also have an expiration date. The quality of the perfume begins to deteriorate about six months after it’s opened. If you own more than one bottle of perfume (let’s be honest—who doesn’t?), it’s unlikely that you will finish an entire bottle within that window. Switching to rollerball will guarantee the freshness of your scents, since chances are you’ll be fairly quick to get through one. The other good thing is, they are not pricey at all — even the ones that come from the biggest brands are capped at $30.

Here are some scents we’re in love with

Burberry Her Eau de Parfum Rollerball, $29

Kate Spade New York Live Colorfully Rollerball, $28

Juicy CoutureViva la Juicy Eau de Parfum Rollerball Duo, $27

Perfume isn’t the only thing you can carry around in a rollerball bottle. If you want to smell good and feel good at the same time, we recommend giving essential oils a try this summer. Pay attention to the aromatherapeutic properties of different ingredients to achieve the effect you want: lavender is calming and soothing, so use it for sleep or irritation relief; lemon is versatile and good for the immune system, skin as well as mood; peppermint helps with sore muscles and provides mental refreshment.

Moreover, the rollerball feature allows you to precisely apply essential oils to your pulse points. These points are located all over your body: from temples, neck, wrists, back of knees to ankles. (Try putting two fingers on them –– you should feel your own heart beating.) Putting essential oil directly on these spots allows it to be absorbed more effectively via the heat from your body; scents will also be stronger and longer-lasting when applied to these points.

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ULTA Lavender Sage Aromatherapy Fragrance Rollerball, $13

CAMPO Essential Oil Roll-on, $45

HoMedics Peppermint Roll-on Essential Oils, $15

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