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Juice Cleanses: Fact or Fiction

Juice Cleanses: Fact or Fiction

By now, we have all heard of a juice cleanse: a liquid detox diet that consists of only fruit and vegetable juices. Almost everyone has done them – your best friend, your sister, and even your coworker have sacrificed solid foods in an effort to improve one’s health, mood, and/or appearance.

 Juicer and juice with fresh fruits and vegetables

Fact: You Gain A New Perspective On What Foods Ail You

Juice cleanses eliminate dairy, wheat, fermented foods, and gluten from your diet for the period of time that you are juicing. “Reintroducing them can help define which foods are causing problems for your body,” says Dr. Woodson Merrell. By slowly consuming certain foods, you can track how your body reacts to each food.

Fiction: You’ll Lose Weight and Keep It Off

When returning to a normal diet, all that weight that you took off will return due to the fact that your body is going back to its adjusted calorie diet. When on a low-calorie diet, such as a juice cleanse, your body uses up the water stored in the glycogen in your muscles. With that water weight gone, you shed off those extra few pounds, but once your body is back to normal, the water weight is restored.

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Fact: You Get A Surge of Nutrients

By eating fruits and vegetables, you are consuming nutrients that are beneficial to your health. By switching out the normal carbs you would eat with fruits and vegetables, you may even gain nutrients you have been missing in your diet.

Set of fruit smoothie and juice in glasses on wooden backgroundFiction: The Lack of Fiber Allows Your Digestive System To Rest

Fiber is good for your diet because it slows the rate of rich sugar is absorbed into your bloodstream, which keeps your blood glucose levels from spiking. In fact, there is no scientific research that proves that your digestive system needs to “rest”.

Young and healthy man smiling and talking on smart phone at a caFact: Juicing Can Damage Your Teeth

Fruit and vegetables have high acid content, Dr. Sameer Patel says that although those are healthy acids, they are only healthy in the case when they are consumed whole, not in a concentration. The acids damage the enamel of your teeth in similar ways that carbonated beverages do.

Young man on the swimming pool holding jar with orange juice.Fiction: After A Few Days Of Cleansing, You Start To Feel Like A New “You”

If you are an avid caffeine user, we are looking at you coffee lovers out there, juicing can actually be detrimental to your emotions. Without caffeine in your system, the blood vessels in your brain can dilate and with that comes headaches. You may find drowsiness and fatigue, instead of the energy that you need to get through the day.

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