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It’s Time to Transition Your Workout Routine to the Great Outdoors

It’s Time to Transition Your Workout Routine to the Great Outdoors

With winter in our rearview mirror, there’s no more weather excuses for hibernating indoors. Even ten minutes of sunlight a day can significantly improve your vitamin D levels, which affect overall mood and energy. With that in mind, strap on your running shoes and get ready to move – some plans, that is.

Dress accordingly.

While your ratty T-shirt and ancient shorts might be great for the gym where you don’t know anybody, when hustling in the streets, you’ll want to be clothed to withstand the elements. Make sure your shoes are fit to hit the pavement if you’re switching off a treadmill, and focus on athletic wear that holds up under sunny, windy, and maybe even rainy conditions.

Follow the leaders.

Prefer to exercise in a guided environment? There are tons of classes that take their students outside, from yoga to HIIT training and more. Joining a running club or finding a mountain biking expedition is a great way to socialize while getting your blood pumping without feeling trapped in a sweaty studio.

Protect yourself.

The sun is our friend, but even a giant ball of burning gas has a dark side (it’s skin damage and it gets ugly). Make sure you load up on sunscreen before exposing yourself to intense UV rays long-term, or even find lightweight clothing that covers you up without suffocating your sweaty self.

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Hydration is key.

When you’re roaming the streets, a hefty jug of water can be harder to come by than when it’s resting in your treadmill’s cupholder. Plan ahead by hydrating heavily before your workout, and find an insulating water bottle that will keep cool in the heat of the sun.

Take advantage of extended daylight.

Going for a run after hours can feel daunting when even the sun won’t be joining you, but with the long sunny days of summer comes ample opportunity to run in the sun without having to rearrange your pre-work or post-office workout arrangement.

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