Issue #124: The Gratitude Issue
November 23, 2017

Here’s Why Family Time is Good for Your Health

You might be trying to figure out the health makeup of your Thanksgiving plate, but that catch-up sesh with grandma might be just as important.

What Thanksgiving Dish Are You, Based on Your Personality?

You've got your Turkey Day favorite, but how well does it suit your personality?

5 Ways Showing Gratitude Makes You Healthier Than Ever

Turns out that giving thanks goes a long way for your immune system.

9 Healthy (but Scrumptious) Thanksgiving Recipes for a Cleaner Feast

Get your last-minute clean eats for Thanksgiving with these foolproof recipes.

Is the Need for Instant Gratification Sabotaging Your Health Goals?

This holistic health coach says it's time to nix that need for immediate results.