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Inside Supermodel Turned Entrepreneur Julie Henderson’s Healthy Life and New Venture

Inside Supermodel Turned Entrepreneur Julie Henderson’s Healthy Life and New Venture

You may recognize Julie Henderson from Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues or from fashion ad campaigns.  She has been modeling since she was 13 and recently added Creative Advisor and Brand Ambassador for Au Naturale Cosmetics to her resume.  Maintaining balance in our lives is no easy task but Julie has certainly figured out how to juggle her modeling career, contribute creatively on capsule collections for Au Naturale, make time to see friends and keep up with her fitness routines.

Constantly traveling puts a lot of stress on the body and makes it difficult to eat healthy, maintain a regular workout schedule and get enough rest.  Julie agrees that it’s not easy to eat well while you’re traveling but it’s doable when you plan ahead and do your best to resist temptation, especially at the airport.  She relies on packing a protein bar or some nuts in her carry on bag.  Also, she shared that someone once advised her to “always ask for the vegetarian dish when you book your [plane] ticket. It’s always the freshest one.”

Modeling jobs often require Julie to travel to other destinations and not every hotel has a gym.  Lack of access to a gym is not an acceptable excuse!  Julie makes it a point to go for a run, even if it’s just for 20-30 minutes.  “Running is the easiest to do when traveling. You just pack your tennis shoes and iPod. I force myself to love running. It helps with the jetlag.  It gets your blood flowing and helps you stay awake longer during the day so you pass out at night and then you get on a better track.”  Although running helps give her an extra boost of energy to get through the day, she added that she usually takes melatonin when she’s jetlagged to help her fall asleep.

When she isn’t traveling, she likes to vary her workouts.  “I find the best way [to maintain my energy] is switching up my exercises.” She likes to switch up her workout routine quite frequently to avoid getting bored. Currently, her favorite workout is SLT. Feeling and looking healthy are definitely her priorities but she fits in her daily workout around whatever else she has scheduled for the day whether it be lunch with a friend or a business meeting.

After working in the modeling industry for over 15 years and having her makeup done countless times, Julie realized she was having allergic reactions to certain types of makeup. Specific brands were making her break out in hives or burning her eyes, due to the harsh chemicals found in the makeup.  She realized that she was not the only one dealing with breakouts from makeup and that’s when she decided to get a better understanding of what exactly is in cosmetic products.  “I think people just don’t know and there isn’t a lot of awareness to learn what’s inside. People overlook that skin is your biggest organ and it absorbs everything. You just kind of forget.”

There are a ton of cosmetic brands out there but none met Julie’s standards until Au Naturale was brought to her attention.  Aside from the ingredients being 100% natural, her next concern was ‘how are the colors?”  She tested out Au Naturale’s different products and fell in love with the way the colors looked on her face, the makeup lasted all day, and most importantly, she didn’t break out!

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As the name implies, Au Naturale uses all natural ingredients and is upfront about what is going into its products.  The makeup is so clean and natural that it is sensitive enough for anyone to use.  In fact, cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy are allowed to wear Au Natural make up while they’re typically told to avoid contact with all cosmetic products.

The current capsule collection that Julie created with Au Naturale is called Beach Bombshell.  The box is filled with summer beauty essentials, including an organic crème highlighter stick, which is Julie’s favorite product.  “It’s amazing.  I love it!  You can put it on your cheekbones and cupid’s bow.  It gives you some extra shine…a little something-something!”

Julie points out that it’s not only important what you put into your body, but also what you put on it.  She follows three simple skincare rules: always moisturize, use sun protection, and wash your face before bed.  Maintaining a healthy look and feel is, of course, ruled by your diet and exercise, but it is also affected by your skincare products.

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