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If You’re Not a Morning Person, Consider This the Perfect Morning Routine for You

If You’re Not a Morning Person, Consider This the Perfect Morning Routine for You

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The night owls among us are all too familiar with the pain of the early morning routine. It’s just such a hassle to not wake up at the last possible minute, tear through your house like an intoxicated banshee in the pursuit of becoming presentable, and then sprint out the door with your brain and body already on the fritz to start what is probably a pretty long day. Who wants to do anything in the morning, much less multiple things!?

Well, grown adults, unfortunately.

So, it’s time to jump on board the functional human train and develop a routine that gets you off on your best foot for the day, with as little effort as possible. Seriously, it’s not that much. Oh for the love of mornings, just do it.

Place your alarm out of reach

This is especially important if your alarm is also your phone, so you have to get up as soon as the alarm goes off. The snooze button can quickly become a dangerous game, so avoid the temptation by having your feet hit the floor the first time around.

Do some meditating

Find a comfy, but not too comfy, spot to sit and start your day with some light meditation. Apps like Headspace and Calm provide a wide range of options, and you can choose exercises based on time to keep things manageable. Adding even a tiny bit of meditation into your morning gets your wheels turning subconsciously without asking for hard brain labor, and sets a calm, centered mental space for the whole day ahead.

Take a stretch or two

Do some light stretching (maybe even while you meditate!) to get the blood, lymph, and everything else in your body flowing after laying in a horizontal puddle all night. It’s like opening the curtains of your body and letting the gears warm up in the sun for a minute – everything will grind a little more smoothly after easing into it.

Jump in the shower

You don’t have to talk an icy dunk to get your blood pumping, and a cascading current of warm water might be just the mental motivation you need to drag yourself from the safety of the duvet. Plus, you’ll emerge as clean as possible for the day ahead with full control over your grooming, and no risk of bedhead.

Eat for a beat

Breakfast gives your body and brain immediate energy to pull from first thing in the morning, while also giving your metabolism the go ahead to get humming for the day ahead. If you drink coffee or tea, have it now, so the energy kick will hit you before you walk through the office door.

Streamline your grooming

If you don’t already have one, build an efficient routine that you can go through the motions of without being totally alert, but that still has you looking put together by the time you leave home. Bonus points for having an outfit picked and laid out from the night before for minimal creative energy demand from your still-sleepy brain.

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