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How to Work Out Using That Extra Pumpkin You’ve Got Lying Around

How to Work Out Using That Extra Pumpkin You’ve Got Lying Around

How to exercise using that extra pumpkin that you've got lying around

Congratulations. You hit up the pumpkin patch, snagged the perfect gourds to ring in the fall season, and now – after carving faces into a couple picks from the patch and using a couple more as raw material for a pie – you find yourself at a loss over what to do with the remaining pumpkin. (Because, yes, at the time, it felt right to buy five pumpkins. Five.) Thankfully, while you’re having trouble getting creative with the pumpkin, we’re always ready to get creative with a workout. In this case, we can tackle two birds with one stone pumpkin. Read on to see how you can put your rogue pumpkin to work with this squashified fitness routine.


Twisted Lunge

Start with one leg planted on the ground in front of you and the other foot out behind you. Hold the pumpkin out in front of you with your arms extended (but not too extended that you allow your elbows to lock). Slowly dip down into a lunge position while twisting your torso (and your pumpkin-carrying arms) in the direction of your front leg. Once you’ve dipped into a deep lunge, slowly push back off with your legs and lift yourself back to the starting position. Complete several reps on this side before switching your legs and completing a few on the other side.

Dead Row

Plant both feet firmly on the ground, about hip-width apart, while holding the pumpkin. Slowly begin lowering your torso while pushing your butt out behind you and holding the pumpkin steadily in front of you. At this point, be careful not to let your knees extend past your toes. Then, pull – or, row – the pumpkin in towards your chest in a controlled, steady motion. Lower the pumpkin back down and then return to your starting position.


Pumpkin Swings

This is basically a kettlebell swing, but with a pumpkin instead of the usual weight. Begin by standing with your heels planted solidly into the ground and your legs spread about shoulder-width apart. Holding the pumpkin down in front of you (you can hold the pumpkin with two hands or one – up to you), come down into a squat position and, without losing control of the motion, swing the pumpkin slightly through your legs. Using the muscles in your hamstrings and quads, push back up into a standing position while swinging the pumpkin up to shoulder height (or, if you’re feeling ambitious, over your head).

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Tricep Extensions

Standing with your legs about hip-width apart and core engaged, hold the pumpkin up over your head with both of your hands. Carefully begin lowering the pumpkin down toward your back, creating a 90-degree angle with your arms. As you lower the pumpkin, be careful not to move from the shoulder, as much, but instead, to use a steady, controlled motion through your tricep muscle. Once you’ve dipped the pumpkin behind your head, lift through the triceps to bring it back up above your head.

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