How to Winterize Your Home to Protect It Against the Cold

The winter months can be tough. And even though one option to cope with the frigid temperatures outside is to barricade yourself off and stay bundled up indoors, there’s just one problem: sometimes the chill from outside has a way of creeping into your otherwise toasty home. If that’s the case, it might mean that your home is in need of a little winterization to keep the winter winds and chills out of your haven. Here are a few tips to get you started when it comes to quick fixes for your home.

Seal up those windows.

Leaky, thin, or busted windows are the quickest way for frigid air to seep into your home and set up shop. Seal up cracks with some transparent weather tape, or even add an extra layer of see-through insulation to save on your heating bill. Another idea that requires a little more investment? Insulated blackout curtains do wonders for stopping cold at the windows (when they’re closed, of course). 

And don’t forget the doors.

That half-inch at the bottom is letting in a bigger breeze than you might think, so plug up any rooms you like to keep particularly cozy that happen to catch a little cold (we’re picturing the one by the entryway) with a little added insulation down below.

Your floors want to be snuggled, too.

Yes, they’re big decor centerpieces and might be required in your lease agreement to keep the downstairs neighbors from going insane, but rugs also go a long way in insulating a room and providing a buffer between your twinkle toes and whatever cold hard surface lies beneath. Your feet will feel the difference.

Decorate with coziness in mind.

When arranging your space for the dark depths of winter, add in decorative elements that are also cozy, like plush blankets and pillows. Build a grand display of unscented candles in your unused fireplace or instead of flowers on the coffee table, then light them up when the nights grow cold. 

Switch out your bedding.

We love your new linen sheets too, but they’re literally designed to breathe and won’t do you any favors with trapping heat. Depending on how cool it is in your neck of the woods, you might want to switch to flannel sheets, invest in a heavier duvet insert, or just quickly add another quilt or blanket to your stack. 

Go ghost hunting.

By which we really just mean that you should check for any particularly cool or drafty spots in your house (especially if it’s on the older side) and then do what you can to minimize them. Ever notice when you leave that closet closed all day the room is warmer when you get home? This might mean that you need to work on a bigger effort to better insult the drafty areas in your home, but at least for now, as a quick fix, you can make sure to close the right doors or block off the right areas to protect yourself from the cold (and possibly a wondering spirit).


When it comes down to it, the fastest way to fix your cold house is to invest in some self-generating heat. Add in any extra gadgets you might need, weather that be a space heater, an electric blanket or mattress pad, or 32 oz jugs of hot chocolate at the ready. ‘Tis the season to stay warm out there, folks!