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How to Use Your Sunday to Set Yourself Up for a Successful Week

How to Use Your Sunday to Set Yourself Up for a Successful Week

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We all wish there were 72 hours in a Sunday, but since we only get 24, learning to use the hours wisely can set you up for an amazing week ahead. And, especially during the summer where we can often be tempted to spend the day hanging with friends in the park or relaxing at the beach, it can be important to remind yourself to use your day wisely since that can ultimately set the stage for the rest of the week. Here, we picked out the best Sunday practices to ensure smooth sailing all the way through to next weekend.


Is there any feeling more calming than slipping on some freshly-laundered pajamas and sliding between some freshly-washed sheets? Making Sunday laundry day ensures you aren’t sprinting for that one shirt on a panicky Tuesday morning, only to remember it’s shoved in your hamper, somewhere amid your between yoga leggings, sports bras, and other tops that you may have been letting hang out in there a little too long.

Plan Your Outfits

It may seem a little first-day-of-kindergarten-esque, but laying out an outfit the evening before you plan on wearing it helps add precious sleep time to your morning and ensures that your foggy morning-brain doesn’t interfere with your fashion or slow you down as you try to figure out your ensemble for the day. But you can actually make the most of your Sunday (and your freshly washed laundry) by spending a part of your day planning out your outfit for not just Monday, but for the entire week ahead. It may seem a little extreme in the moment, but trust us when we say it’ll make getting through the week a total breeze.

Tidy Up

Clean laundry and clean sheets should only be the beginning of the story.  Even if you can’t do it every day, making time on Sunday to clean up a bit and get organized for the week ahead can have a drastic impact on that mid-week slump (Wednesday, we’re looking at you) that can get a little exacerbated by coming home to a messy space. We suggest some general tidying up along with one specific deep-clean task – maybe the bathtub could use a scrub, or that one dresser drawer you’ve been meaning to sort through and re-organize is finally ready to be tackled. Making a habit out of short-term cleaning keeps the entropy at bay, even if only temporarily.

Take a Bath

It seems safe to say that 2018 is the year of self-care, and although a face mask won’t fix all your problems, a little extra grooming will set your week off on a high note. Triple your relaxation factor by really leaning into the bath time setup; light some candles, swirl in some bath oils, take the time for the masks (face and hair) that the rest of the week just won’t squeeze in. And it doesn’t have to be an hour of meditation; grab a glass of wine and your new Netflix obsession, and just relaaax honey. Trust us: your muscles and mental stamina will thank you.

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Meal Prep

Eating healthy and well can be a challenge, but taking time out of your Sunday to prepare for the week ahead can safeguard against the there’s-nothing-in-the-fridge-so-I’ll-just-order-in-again urge. Research recipes, navigate your way through your busy grocery store, and get a night of cooking down to ease into the week ahead.

That One Thing

This one’s a little bit more personal, but still just as important. Basically that one big thing you wish you could do but never seem to make it to during the work week. Maybe that’s a big workout, maybe it’s going out to catch an exhibit, maybe it’s sleeping the heck in. Do that one thing, and you won’t be thinking about how you didn’t do it for the next seven days. YOLO, as they (no longer, we think) say.

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