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How to Help Your Winter Skin Bounce Back in Time for Spring

How to Help Your Winter Skin Bounce Back in Time for Spring

Spring is right around the corner, but while you might be more than ready to welcome some warmer temps into your life, chances are that your dry, chapped, flaky winter skin isn’t quite as prepared for the nicer months. Thankfully, we’ve got a slew of oils, goos, and creams that we love turning to when we need to protect our skin from the last few weeks of cold, and help combat the damage done by winter just in time for spring.

Block it out.

Add a layer of protection against the sun, pollution, and the cold for what remains of winter with Clinique’s Super City Block. Since the wind is still busy whipping away your usual layer of warmth and inherent protection for a bit longer, add on an extra coat of insulation to preserve your baby soft, non-wind-burned cheeks. We all know winter is all about the layering, anyway.

Get oily.

Cleansers that use harsh anti-acne agents like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide can do major damage in the colder, drier air of winter months. Consider switching to oil-based cleansers to help preserve those important peptide layers on your skin. We know this may sound scary for the acne-prone, but as long as you’re grabbing the good oils, they can actually clean your face by combining with and washing away your natural sheen without stripping your skin of necessary nutrients. For the face, we love DHC’s Deep Cleansing Oil. For the body, we can’t get enough of Glossier’s luxurious Body Hero.
WellPath RENEW Multi Collagen Protein, $23

Down some collagen.

Help your skin on the outside by feeding the cells on the inside with a multi-collagen powder supplement like Wellpath RENEW. Collagen helps increase skin elasticity and maintain plumpness, so those winter winds can only do so much damage at the surface while you power up the backup underneath.
Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm, $15 | Nooni Applebutter Lip Mask, $15

Listen to your lips.

When the weather gets dicey, your lips are the first warriors to surrender, Give them some extra support with the absolute best lip moisturizer we’ve ever encountered, Dr. Lipp’s Original Nipple Balm made of 100% lanolin, that stuff they put on newly tattooed skin to help it heal correctly. Have trouble remember to re-up during the busy weekday? Slap on a lip mask like Nooni’s Applebutter Lip Mask at night to really give the goo a chance to soak in, and wake up ahead of the game instead of playing catch up every darn day.
Bag Balm Skin Moisturizer, $8

Go thicker.

For the seriously chafed and cracking skin, pull out the tried and true Bag Balm formula that’s been winning over consumers since 1899. Heels cracking like the grand canyon? Slather on some bag balm before bedtime and slip on your favorite (washable) pair of fuzzy socks and let the jolly green goo get to work.
Sunday Riley Juno Essential Face Oil, $72 | Radha Rosehip Oil, $15

Get oily…again.

Using a skin oil at night is a great way to let less-savory smells and colors seep into the skin and do their hard hydration work over eight restful hours because we KNOW you’re definitely getting those eight in a night, right? Oil-lovers swear by Sunday Riley’s Juno Essential Face Oil as a miracle worker. Looking for something less expensive? Rosehip oil happens to be a great natural oil that will soften skin, reduce dark marks, and is actually too light to clog your pores for those who are still hiding under the covers every time we drop the o word.
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