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How to Reap the Benefits of Your Hard Work at the Office

How to Reap the Benefits of Your Hard Work at the Office

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We know –– you have a ton of work on your plate. But guess what? It’s finally paying off.  Your boss is actively highlighting your progress, clients are constantly praising your work and co-workers are always turning to you for advice. You’re beaming on the inside, and glowing on the outside – you’re thriving! And, while you’re itching to get back to work, you’re also aching to reap the well-earned rewards of your hard work (yes, please). With that in mind, here are three subtle ways to enjoy your office stardom harvest the fruits of your labor, if you will!

Recognize your achievements, be proud of what you’ve accomplished. 

In a world where business rewards speed, it’s easy to overlook your present accomplishments by constantly focusing on your future goals – the second you reach one milestone, you’re already working on the next. There’s no doubt that this behavior shows great ambition; but if unmonitored, it can lead to burnout. So do yourself a huge favor and hit pause! Take some time to soak in your triumphs. Think of all the challenges you’ve overcome, the relationships you’ve built, and the dedication you’ve poured into work. Remember where you stood five years ago versus where you stand now, and recognize how much you’ve grown over that time. Never forget that a big accomplishment or win is something to relish in. Go ahead and celebrate after locking in a huge deal, or treat your team to a nice bottle of champagne after completing a massive project. Big or small, every achievement is worth some recognition, starting with your own.

Hard work opens new doors, so take advantage of it.

Hard work should never go unnoticed (though there are times when it may feel like it does). Your dedication to the craft and motivation to succeed are qualities your boss will pick up on, and traits your clients will appreciate (assuming that they haven’t already). With a strong work ethic and a growing network, new opportunities will come pounding at your door. Your boss may surprise you with an early promotion, or offer relocation to the city of your dreams. Your client may introduce you to useful marketing resources, or present you to future business partners. Whatever they may be, take advantage of these opportunities. Should you find yourself in a situation where your hard work is going unrecognized for any reason, don’t think that that doesn’t mean it can’t still be opening up doors for you; it just might be doors that you didn’t quite expect. For example, maybe you’re not leveling up at work the way that you hoped you would by putting your all into learning all about email deliverability or SEO, but having spent the time learning those skills might help you reap benefits in the form of applying those skills to side projects, or letting them help you land a new position down the road. 

Treat yourself – you deserve it.

At last, harvest the sweet, sweet fruit of your grueling work. Don’t let that shiny bonus go to waste. Instead, pamper yourself with a day at the spa, a therapeutic shopping sesh, or a fine dining experience with your besties! Fully embrace the self-care movement by setting time aside to do the things you love. Huge nature gal? Go on a hike. Big on art? Check out the new gallery downtown. You probably get the gist by now: take a breather and treatyo-self. You’ll not only avoid the dreaded burnout, but also have a ton of fun. Talk about a win-win.

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