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How to Make Your Protein Shake Stop Tasting Like Chalk

How to Make Your Protein Shake Stop Tasting Like Chalk

As much as we’d love to say that we love the flavor of our morning protein shake, we hate to say that we kind of hate it. Sure, we love the added dose of morning protein and the health payoffs of starting our day with a scoop or two of a quality powder, but even those payoffs aren’t always enough to have us overlooking the chalky taste in our mouth that seems to linger after downing a shake.

But, rest assured, fellow shakers! With a few simple add-ins, you can easily upgrade the taste of your protein shake and keep the chalkiness at bay.

Add a natural sweetener.

One of the easiest ways to give your shake a little flavor is to make it sweeter. Of course, you’re not trying to load up your shake with artificial sweeteners or heaps of sugar, but adding a little honey or maple syrup will go a long way when it comes to sweetening things up. Plus, a sweetener like honey comes with the added benefits of acting as a natural source of energy as well as helping with recovery. And that is what we call a sweet deal.

Get creative with spices.

Another great trick is to tap into the power of spices, which you can easily mix and match to create a new flavor for your shake. Our favorite is cinnamon, which gives your protein shake a warmer, almost sweeter flavor and helps overpower the not-so-lovely flavor of the protein powder. And like honey, not only will adding cinnamon to your shake help improve the flavor, but it will give it a nice nutritional boost, too. In addition to lowering your blood sugar, cinnamon acts as an anti-inflammatory, helps boost heart health, and improves brain function.

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Use a (pretty ripe) banana.

When it comes to smoothies and shakes, there is perhaps no fruity addition as substantial as a banana. Not only does adding a banana to a smoothie help overpower the chalky flavor of protein power, but it also helps improve the consistency of your shake overall, making it a little smoother and velvetier overall (which always makes for a better experience, too). For the best results, make sure to opt for a ripe banana, as these are the ones that are likely to be the sweeter options.

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