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How to Get On Your Feet More at Work

How to Get On Your Feet More at Work

One of the major pitfalls of the modern workplace is the inclination to lead a sedentary life – even if you’re an avid exerciser who never misses a day at the gym, spending 8 hours sitting down each day can have seriously negative effects on your health.

Thankfully, there are a few ways to combat the desk-bound life even if your job keeps you attached to a computer screen for most of the day. Here are six ways to get on your feet without falling off the career cliff.

Standing desk

This is a pretty obvious go-to, but for good reason. Standing desks are super popular in open offices because they allow you to keep the same work station and still be available to your colleagues while not having you sat on your bum the whole day long. Bonus points if you move around a little or do simple exercises (heel lifts anyone?) while you work.

Take a walk, and a call

When you need to jump on a call or phone into a meeting but don’t need your eyeballs glued to a screen, bring your digital friend into the great outdoors and walk as you talk. Moving around gets blood pumping to your brain anyway, helping you make big decisions with a clear head and loading up on your Vitamin D intake while you’re at it.

Office hours outside

Along the same lines as the nature-bound phone call, bring your one-on-one’s and strategy sessions out to grab a coffee or simply enjoy the scenery of a nearby park. Private conversations can be a lot more comfortable out of the office anyway, so scope out the cafe scene and get those extra steps in while you work.

Take breaks, find somewhere to stretch it out

If you have any closed-off conference rooms or even a big broom closet that no one ever uses, consider utilizing that space for a mid-afternoon stretching session. Limbering up can relieve some of the stagnation sitting in your not-so-loose body after a few hours screenside, and can also help jolt you out of that afternoon slump without overdosing on caffeine (hey, we know you’ve had at least two cups already!)

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Take the stairs

Okay, so maybe if you work on the 33rd floor of a massive skyscraper, this one will be a little harder to pull off. For those of us below the unlucky 13th floor, taking the stairs is a fantastic way to get your heart rate up as well as avoid the stress of that wonky elevator system. Want a little extra motivation? Coordinate an office-wide challenge with a juicy gift card waiting for the winner.

Chat with coworkers

Don’t take it too far and become the Designated Distractor, but consider taking a stroll over to your colleague’s desk every once in a while to talk through a complicated project instead of firing off yet another ‘per my last email’. Mental breaks are actually super helpful when it comes to productivity levels, so don’t shy away from spending a few minutes discussing last weekend’s activities when you get a moment, either.

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