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How to Change Your Life With Little to No Willpower

How to Change Your Life With Little to No Willpower

So you want to make a big change, but discipline has never been your forte. Setting that reminder on your phone and feeling guilty late at night when you haven’t *done the thing* just isn’t bringing anything to fruition. You tried all the #lifehacks and shortcuts you could find, but nothing has worked, so it’s time for a new approach. Instead of asking, “How do I force this change into my life?” maybe we should be asking, “Why do I want to?”

Just like swapping out resolutions for intentions, changing your life without significant resolve comes down to focusing on the desire itself (and the belief behind it) rather than the desired outcome. By shifting your attention to the satisfaction of the ultimate goal, the work part of the process becomes suddenly attainable.

For example, say you’ve been meaning to clean out your closet for years, but never felt up to the gigantic task that just keeps growing with the more clothing you accumulate. Instead of focusing on the drudgery of the job, think about the reasoning behind it: do you want to feel unburdened by owning fewer things because you believe that clutter is clogging up your space (and mind)? Are you looking to add to your income by reselling some possessions because you believe that cash will add significant value to your life? Or maybe you’re seeking an emotional purge after a significant life shift because you believe it’s time to move on?

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Focusing on the desire and its foundational belief will pull you into the actions required to achieve it and make the actual process feel productive and exciting, rather than draining and dreadful. So what will you accomplish with a little restructuring of desire?

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