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How to Accomplish All of Your Wildest Goals

How to Accomplish All of Your Wildest Goals

New Year, New Me

January is a favorite time for goal-setting because of the energy people bring to a New Year. At home and at work, we reflect on the year before and take what we’ve learned to a new set of goals looking forward. We might plan to improve our health, progress in our careers, or make more time for loved ones. We are optimistic and ambitious in January, because we feel as though more is possible: January goal setters are looking down the barrel of a full 12 months where they can make it happen.

In January 2016, there was a record $1.6 billion dollar Powerball jackpot. Despite the nearly impossible chances of winning, there were over 635 million entries. Homes and workplaces were alive with conversations contemplating life, if one suddenly became a billionaire. We might transform our health, build dream careers, and prioritize our loved ones. We might start our own businesses, give generously to charity, and/or travel the world. Compared against New Year goals, Powerball dreams were similar, but huge. Having won Powerball, we would feel as though anything is possible.

Be Bold When Setting Your Goals

Setting huge goals this way is as heady and exciting as imagining if we had won Powerball. Visualizing a life where we achieve all we dream of, where anything is possible, inspires us to work happily at each step along the way. Our minds are more open to what could be, and we see new opportunities, feeling fulfilled by dreams of a big future.

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A favorite challenge for goal setting demands “what great thing would you you attempt, if you knew you could not fail?”. This powerful question encourages people to contemplate their biggest dreams beyond the limitations of self-confidence or perceived external obstacles. We are free to set huge goals when we feel as though everything is possible.

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Identifying our big, wild goals is the most powerful step towards achieving them. Dreamers are energized to work harder, and work differently. Huge goals make us smarter as our minds will expand to think of creative ways to achieve them. If we work towards huge goals we believe more is possible, and we make it happen. We are resilient to short-term hardship. As you conquer every milestone the big picture will keep you motivated and will drive huge work.

Take the time to choose your big dreams. Be bold, and change your perspective. Set goals not just for a year but for your whole life, with the energy, optimism and ambition of a lifetime of possibility.

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