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How Supplements Can Lower Healthcare Costs

How Supplements Can Lower Healthcare Costs

Do I Need Supplements?

The world of supplements is confusing. There are so many (contradictory) sources of information available, it becomes overwhelming. The fact of the matter is that everyone is different: everyone absorbs nutrients from their food differently; everyone’s diet is different, etc. However, 90% of the American population is deficient in some sort of nutrient that can be obtained from a vitamin or supplement.

Is the Cost of Supplements worth it?

Supplements are essential to optimize your health. However, vitamins and supplements seem somewhat expensive when you’re not evaluating the cost relative to health care expenses. If you regularly take supplements that help your body fill the void of nutrients you might be deficient in, you can save with healthcare costs down the road. According to nutritional biochemist, Shawn Talbott, “Dietary supplements can absolutely help to reduce healthcare costs.”

By speaking to your doctor, you can determine what nutrients you are deficient in. Based on your regular diet, routine, and genetics, you can find out more about the underlying nutrients that your body should be absorbing to perform to its best ability.

Supplements are a long-term investment

Talbott further explains that the nutritional benefits of supplements overlap into your overall status of health and well-being. In addition to the traditional benefits such as an increase in energy and better digestion, Talbott explains that supplements are also proven to help with blood sugar control and cardiovascular function. “People simply do not get the optimal intake of nutrients from food alone,” making supplements imperative for optimal nutrition.

By taking preventative measures that supplements offer, you are not only reducing – but potentially eliminating – probable healthcare costs for various procedures and medications. Healthcoach, Clint Fuqua says, “nutritional supplements are an investment, not an expense.”

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“The investment in nutritional supplements and ultimately health is a long term strategy that can save a person hundreds to thousands [of dollars] every year. Consider the costs of medications to manage diseases, doctors’ visits, repeated tests, lost time a work, lost time from family versus an average of one hundred dollars per month
for needed supplements like a multivitamin, fish oil, and one or two specialty nutrients that have shown to reduce the chance of disease by 75%,” explains Fuqua.

WellPath is a great solution for those of you that don’t want to/have the time the do the research yourself or see an advisor. There is a three-minute survey that you can fill out about your personal regimen including diet and exercise. Once the survey is complete, WellPath provides you with a customized nutritional solution in the form of a combination of daily supplements and a unique protein powder.


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