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Have You Been Eating Your Apples Wrong All Along?

Have You Been Eating Your Apples Wrong All Along?

There are plenty of things that you might not consider yourself to be the best at (roller blading, doing a pull-up, getting through the morning without a cup of coffee, etc.). But of all the things that may not necessarily be your forté, we’re willing to bet that you never considered eating an apple to fall on that list.

No, we’re not talking about like, “I’m not the best at remembering to eat an apple a day, so I definitely have room for improvement there” – we’re talking about how you’re (probably) literally eating apples wrong.

According to research, it turns out that reaping the full spectrum of apple-related benefits comes down to not just adding the fruit to your diet on a routine basis, but eating it in its entirety when you are having it, too. In other words, you should be eating the whole apple – core and all.

Basically, when you eat an apple, one of the main ways that you’re benefiting from the fruit is that you’re consuming beneficial bacteria that could help promote a healthy gut and better digestive health. And, as science would have it, the majority of the healthy bacteria contained in apples are actually concentrated in the stem and core, which also happen to be the parts of the apple that most people tend to discard when snacking on one. As this new study out of the Graz University of Technology in Austria found, passing on the core and seeds of an apple could drop the number of microbes that a person consumes through that apple by up to 90 million (!!!). As for whether or not that number changes even more when it comes to conventional apples versus organic apples, the number of bacteria is pretty consistent across the board, with the main difference being that organic apples have a greater variety of good bacteria than their conventional counterparts.

Moral of the story: there’s definitely a case for changing up how you snack on your apples. And hey – eating your apple cores won’t just help you reap greater health benefits with every bite, but it will help make sure that you’re not letting a single bit of your apple go to waste.

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