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Get Ready to Spin

Get Ready to Spin

With the rise of a culture where SoulCycle and Flywheel are part of your regular fitness vocabulary, it is easy to lose focus on why indoor cycle classes are much more than just a trendy workout. Sure, the party atmosphere coupled with the unique community among indoor riders is enough to want to be on the inside, but it’s the results that should really drive your commitment to this workout.

Is spinning for me?

Results you say? Burning upward of 600 calories in a 60 minute session – not to mention the gains in cardiovascular and strength – it’s time to muscle up and get your butt kicked in this low impact, high-intensity workout.  Never been to a spin class? Not to worry, indoor cycling is your workout -you control everything from speed and resistance to intensity, making it as hard or as easy as you need it to be. Each class is a new journey where you can continually challenge your time, intensity and speed to reach your next fitness level. Sounds like the perfect class for you, doesn’t it?

So how do I start? The great news is that you can find quality indoor cycle classes at mostly any fitness club around the world. Check your club’s class schedule (or search online for cycle studios in your area) and sign up for your first class –don’t forget to bring water and a towel – you are going to sweat a lot.

Ride on and enjoy the endorphin high – you’re about to get hooked!

What to expect in spin class

So you’ve decided to try your first spin class. Congrats! It’s not always easy to step outside your comfort zone and try something new, but trust me this will be well worth it!

Here are 7 things to know before you get started.

1. Your instructor wants to know that you’re new.

No, not to center you out, but your bike set-up matters and they can help you adjust correctly. They can also help you understand how to use the resistance to get the most out of your workout.

2. You are going to sweat… a lot.

Dress lightly, bring a sweat towel and stay hydrated!

3. It’s ok to fake it ‘til you make it.

Indoor cycling is a progressive workout, meaning that you can continually challenge your fitness track after track, class after class. If you need to pull back, that’s ok too – you’re in total control of how hard you work. 

4. Time will fly.

60 minutes of spinning might seem like a daunting feat, but when you’re riding on the beat to inspiring music in perfect unison with all your peers, you’ll get totally lost in the experience.

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5. It is normal for your butt to hurt the next day.

We’ve all been there and your body will adjust over time. The good news is that most classes will have you in and out of the saddle for 30-50% of the ride which should help alleviate this. If it doesn’t feel more normal in a couple classes, try padded shorts or a seat cover.

6. It’s more than just a cardio workout.

Indoor cycling classes are choreographed to give you a strength and cardio workout to maximize caloric burn.

7. You’ll be begging for more!

Somewhere between the endorphin rush and the team spirit, something magical happens behind the closed doors of the spin studio. It only takes a class or two and before you know it, you’re re-arranging your life schedule to make it to class!  


About Lindsay Goodyear  

Lindsay is a 30 year old Canadian Certified Fitness Instructor Specialist, living in London, Ontario. She is an avid runner, fitness enthusiast, spin instructor, fashionista, travel junkie, dog lover and blogger:


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