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A Foolproof, 5-Step Guide to Mastering Any Diet Cleanse

A Foolproof, 5-Step Guide to Mastering Any Diet Cleanse

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Anytime you’re trying to make healthy changes to your diet, you’re sure to bump into some roadblocks and challenges along the way. Unfortunately, the hurdles tend to be even greater when you’re trying out a diet cleanse, which has major benefits for your health but can be a lot harder to stick to than the average diet. Whether you’re committing to a juicing regimen, cutting out carbs, or trying out souping for a change, the key to sticking to your cleanse is going into it with a few key pointers in mind. Here, five essential things to keep in mind that will help you get through any cleanse totally unscathed.

Make sure you pick the right cleanse.

The first (and arguably most important) secret to sticking to a cleanse is making sure that you pick the right cleanse to start with. If you’re someone who hasn’t really done a cleanse before, it might not be the best idea to jump head-on into a strict juice cleanse, for example. Instead, you’ll want to start with something more doable, like maybe doing a sugar detox that requires you to cut out sugary foods.

Pick your cleanse dates accordingly.

When you’re thinking about going on a cleanse, the dates are crucial to making sure that you’ll actually stick to the plan. For starters, you don’t want to pick something that’s too long if you’re new to cleansing, since the chances of you lasting to the end are likely to be smaller when you’re a beginner. Plus, you always want to take things like vacations, holidays, birthdays, etc. into account. If you decide to do a cleanse during a period when you’ve got a lot of social engagements, for example, you’re setting yourself up for a bigger struggle sticking to the plan. The trick is to try to plan a cleanse around a period that’s a bit slower for you. After all, sticking to a cleanse is hard enough without the additional temptations.

Find a friend to do the cleanse with you.

As with most things in life, there is power in numbers when it comes to cleansing. Going it alone can feel tough at times, but having a friend, family member, or coworker along for the ride helps you maintain your motivation, and helps you stay accountable for the choices you’re making.

Stay hydrated.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. This is a point that can’t be emphasized enough. Of course, staying hydrated is essential all the time, regardless of what your diet looks like, but when you’re going on a cleanse, it’s especially crucial. Not only will drinking water regularly help you fight cravings and hunger by keeping you feeling satiated, but it can add another level of detox by cleansing your body more effectively.

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Get in touch with your feelings.

A lot of times, unhealthy eating habits tend to stem from emotional triggers, like stress and depression. In order to make the most of your cleanse and help manage your cravings (which are sure to be hitting in full force as you try to detox), it’s important to try to understand where your feelings are coming from and to address them with more conscious intention. Consider journaling as a way to tap into your emotions, or try to find new outlets for your stress, like reading, meditating, or – our favorite – working out.


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