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Fashion Industry Power Player Scott Lipps on Wellness & Fashion

Fashion Industry Power Player Scott Lipps on Wellness & Fashion

For almost fifteen years, Scott Lipps has been the Founder and CEO of One Management model and talent agency. Scott and One Management’s goal has been to bridge the gap between fashion, music, and film – while using the creative elements from each of these three industries.

Healthy Body Image

Fashion has always had a complex relationship with health and wellness, particularly during periods where a more slender frame was in vogue. “The healthy, beautiful body type isn’t going anywhere,” Scott explained. One Management strives as well as succeeds at promoting a healthy image of its clients. “If we ever have concerns, if [our clients] look unhealthy – it’s a big question of education. It’s all about making sure they are eating healthy and are getting enough sleep and getting the right guidance. We’re very much like a mom and pop shop, so we take care of it.”

Social Media

Scott’s key to social media is always keeping up with Instagram.He admits that he constantly checks Instagram throughout the day. “It’s a pretty good indicator of what’s going on in the minute.” He goes on to explain how Instagram has all of the latest trends ranging from celebrity product releases to event coverage.

As a smart businessman, Scott understands the importance of staying relevant and adopting new technologies to further advance a client or brand. While it’s becoming more commonplace now for an agency to focus on social, One Management was “the first established, successful model agency to have a social media division.” Scott saw the demand and the growth potential and took the lead, he explained, “it’s about taking that traction and running with it.” Today, some of the most followed individuals on Instagram are models. It’s very much about people giving others a front seat view into their personal lives including their healthy habits through their diet and exercise which has a positive influence on their followings.

Technology Promoting wellness

“I do think wearable tech is a huge thing that’s only going to get bigger.”  At first wearable technology in the wellness space was limited to accessories, but we’re seeing more of a shift to wearable garments.  This NYFW we were excited to see the collaboration between Fashion Week sponsor Intel, and New York fashion label Chromat, on a collection of smart garments. Our favorite was the Aeros Sports Bra, which has sensors to monitor the wearer’s body temperature, and will responsively adjust the bra’s ventilation to cool down her body.  

Scott told us that he is excited about all of the new branding opportunities technology brings through new products and innovative ideas: “It’s all about capitalizing on where the future of fashion is going.”

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Staying Healthy

When we asked Scott about how he stays healthy in his fast-paced, daily life, Scott told us, “WellPath helps keep up my energy.  It definitely allows me to be able to go to around 3 to 6 different parties in a night after working all day, going to meetings and taking photographs.”  He admitted to splurging during Fashion Week, but that he otherwise, tends to be mindful of his diet and exercise. 

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