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Fall Activities That Can Burn Major Calories This Season

Fall Activities That Can Burn Major Calories This Season

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Autumn is arguably the most fun season to spend time outdoors. The crisp, cool air requires comfy sweaters and scarves, but isn’t so cold that you feel the need to hibernate. The fall foliage is a beautiful backdrop for any outdoor activity – or Instagram – as red and gold leaves crunch underfoot. But these gorgeous fall days are limited, because, as any Game of Thrones fan knows, winter is coming. So when it comes to exercise this season, it seems like a waste to workout inside.

The gym will be there all winter-long, so forget the treadmill for now. There are so many fun autumn activities that will get you outside and working up a sweat! From picking fresh apples to wandering through a corn maze, these fall activities are so enjoyable you’ll barely notice all the calories you’re burning off. And the best thing about these healthy fall activities? They’ll leave you hungry for some well-deserved, fresh fall goodies! Cider and pie, anyone?

Going apple picking.

Celebrate autumn at the apple orchard! Spend a fall day harvesting fresh apples to bring back home. With so many delicious apples ripe for the picking, you’ll be working your arms hard. Not only will you be sore from walking through the trees and reaching up for the best-looking fruit, but hauling all those apples home will be a workout too! Luckily, you’ll have tons of healthy snacks to munch on later.

Cycling through the woods.

To really enjoy autumn’s magnificent colors, a woodland bike ride is the perfect adventure. Whether you’re a casual cyclist or a seasoned mountain-biker, there is a trail out there for you! Biking on a hilly terrain tones your legs, abs and glutes, while burning off serious calories. Plus, that feeling of cool, fall air on your face as you ride under the golden, sun-lit trees is totally amazing. So what are you waiting for? Grab your helmet and get going.

Going horseback riding.

If you want to try a unique autumn activity, saddle up! Going for a horseback ride through the countryside is a great way to experience fall – and tap into your inner cowboy/girl. Spend a gorgeous fall day getting back to nature, with the help of a friendly pony. And even though the horse will be doing most of the moving, horseback riding is actually a great workout! To stay upright in your saddle, you’ll need to engage the muscles in your legs, back, and core. Expect to be sore afterwards!

Starting a bonfire.

Nothing says fall like sitting around a crackling bonfire, roasting marshmallows and telling ghost stories. But before you gather around the flames and get toasty, you can make bonfire prep part of your day’s exercise. Chopping wood is a great way to burn calories, tone your arms, and strengthen your core. Plus, carrying heavy logs to your fire-pit is like nature’s version of weightlifting. Wrap up in a flannel for extra lumberjack flair.

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Getting lost in a corn maze.

Thanks to the maps and apps on our phones, it’s pretty hard to lose your way these days. But autumn is a great time to get lost on purpose! Corn Mazes are a very popular seasonal activity, so it’s easy to find one at a farm near you. The maze paths, which are cut through tall fields of corn, can vary in levels of trickiness. Find an extra tough maze, and see how fast you can navigate it. You’ll hit your day’s step-goals, and have fun doing it!

Tossing a football.

For some, the word “fall” brings up memories of hayrides, pumpkin pie and Thanksgiving parades. For others, autumn only means one thing – football season. Grabbing a beer and watching the game from the sidelines is fun, but not exactly a workout. Instead of leaving the sport to the professionals, team up with some friends and start a game of your own. Touch football is great exercise, and so much fun you might just make it a weekly event!

Going to the farmer’s market.

With the cooler weather and longer nights, fall is a great time to cook up a warm meal. During the autumn, produce like cranberries, yams and pumpkins are in season, so fresh ingredients are easy to come by at your local Farmer’s Market. Spend an entire day picking out locally grown produce, partaking in fun fall activities, and enjoying samples of autumnal goodies. After a full day of walking around and exploring, you’ll be craving a hearty fall dinner.

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