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These Exercise Moves Will Get You Ready to Hit the Slopes This Winter

These Exercise Moves Will Get You Ready to Hit the Slopes This Winter

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Skiing is a pretty serious workout in itself –– which is kind of why it never hurts to do a little pre-slopes exercises to prime your body for ski season. If you’re headed on an adventure to Aspen or getting ready for your annual trip to Vail, these simple workout moves will go a long way when it comes to prepping for the snowy slopes.

Bodyweight Squats

Of all the moves that you can do at home to prime your body for ski season, squats are one of the best. This is because the activity helps strengthen your thighs and glutes, both of which are important in helping you maintain your balance and control while skiing. And while adding weights to the mix are especially effective in helping you build up your strength, it’s best for you to start out with some simple bodyweight squats as this ensures that you can focus more on the proper form as opposed to managing the extra weight.

Jumping Lunges

When you’re skiing, chances are you’re going to come across some moguls –– or series of bumps –– at some point or other. When that happens, you want to make sure that your body and muscles are primed to react quickly upon landing from a jump. Enter jumping lunges. The exercise move helps make sure that your fast-twitch muscles are strong and conditioned for strong rebounding after a few jumps.

Russian Twists

While you might not necessarily associate skiing with your abs at first, a strong core is critical to skiing because the sport is largely about balance. As such, it’s important to keep your core in great shape to maximize your performance when you’re skiing, Russian twists happen to be a great way of exercising your core as the move engages your entire abdomen and strengthens them through a repeated twist motion. While it’s possible to do this move sans free weights, adding the accessory can help elevate the move and make it especially strengthening.

Skater Hops

When you’re skiing, you’re essentially moving with a lateral motion as you shift your bodyweight from left to right. As it turns out, though, this isn’t necessarily a natural range of motion for a lot of other exercises, and so it’s not very common that you target the muscles –– or parts of the muscles –– enable and strengthen that movement. That’s where skater hops come in. Because the exercise consists of jumping back and forth laterally and lowering yourself into a squat on each leg as you go, this exercise is one of the unique ones that actually mimics the exact motions of skiing and thus strengthens the parts of your body that you’ll be engaging most during the activity.

Single-Leg Deadlifts

When you work both of your legs out at the same time, it’s not uncommon for your dominant leg to do most of the work. This can create a lack of balance or symmetry, both of which are super important to smooth skiing. To create a sense of symmetry and balanced strength, it helps to do a series of strength moves that exercise one leg at a time, such as single-leg deadlifts.

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