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Everything You Need for Your Happiest, Healthiest Summer

Everything You Need for Your Happiest, Healthiest Summer

Summertime and the living is easy, or at least it can be with a little bit of planning ahead. There’s a lot of negativity swimming around out in the world right now, so don’t forget to make room for yourself and your headspace. We’ll be using the following products to ensure our summer is all smooth sailing, why don’t you hop on board?

WellPath RenewWellPath RENEW Multi Collagen Protein Powder, $25

Feeling good on the outside almost always starts with putting the right stuff inside. So hit refresh with RENEW, and let the multi-collagen work its magic all up in your system. More collagen means more elastic skin, a brighter complexion, and a big roadblock to signs of aging like wrinkles and sagging. So you can keep the laughter without the laugh lines.

Away Carry-On SuitcaseAway Suitcase, starting at $225

When you think airports, do you think relaxation haven? Of course not, you’re thinking about the dense security lines and delays and overpriced everything. While we can’t do anything about TSA, we can make sure you have the best gear in the game. Away is super lightweight, durable, and just came out with a collab with basketball star Dwyane Wade. Make sure you get the packing cubes for extra efficiency, or a lovely monogram to stand out from the crowd.

Allbirds sneakersAllbirds Wool Runners, $95

I LOVE my sneakers, but I HATE my blisters. Not too fond of sore, sweaty feet either. Thankfully Allbirds has the answer – lightweight, comfy, and washable. They proudly proclaim their wool sneakers as the “World’s Most Comfortable Shoe”, and we won’t argue. Keep your feet happy and the rest of your bones will follow.

Blue light blocking eyeglasses

Felix Gray Eyeglasses, starting at $95

During the hours you aren’t spending lounging poolside fending off the sunshine, you might be like us and still have an office job that involves a lot of screen time. Turns out all that blue light blasting your retinas could lead to some nasty side effects.┬áThankfully we found some Felix Gray blue-light-filtering glasses to save the day without tanking your fashion efforts.

Outdoor Voices leggingsOutdoor Voices Leggings, $75

Not all leggings are created equal, and Outdoor Voices is ahead of the pack. Their sleek, color-clocked design ensures you’ll be the sharpest dresser at spin class, but the secure and comfortable fit are why we keep coming back.

Weleda Skin Food, 2.5 Ounce

Weleda Skin Food, $13

Heaven forbid you did the unthinkable and got a nasty sunburn – nurse your busted blisters back to life with Weleda Skin Food. The conditioning cream will force all kinds of good stuff deep into your epidermis, and all while smelling like a crisp morning walk through a bountiful rainforest.

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dr lippDr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm, $13

Nothing says dehydration like chapped, thirsty lips. Ditch the drugstore chapstick and reach for Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm. Yes, it was originally designed for the sensitivity of breastfeeding mothers, but it will hydrate better than any of that waxy residue you’ve been using for years. Long live luscious lips!

AYL portable waterproof speakerAYL Portable Speaker, $25

Summer is all about those big mood music releases that set the vibe for the whole season. Take your tunes everywhere, including the beach and even the shower, with a waterproof portable speaker. Then keep on rockin’ ’til it’s time to go to bed and get your eight hours of a healthy night’s sleep.


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