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This Smart Kegel Trainer Could Fix Your Pelvic Floor

This Smart Kegel Trainer Could Fix Your Pelvic Floor

Elvie pelvic floor trainer for women

Have you done your kegels today?

If the answer is yes, congratulations – you’re already ahead of the game when it comes to pelvic health (if your answer was no, go ahead and join in, there’s room on the bandwagon). But it can be especially difficult to track progress with muscles that you can’t easily see; that’s where Elvie comes in.


Elvie is a femtech company with a mission “to improve women’s lives through smarter technology.” Their first product release is a trainer designed to monitor and track pelvic floor exercises both while you’re using the device, as well as later in the app to see how far you’ve come. With just five minutes a day, you can kegel your way to a stronger pelvic floor.

But why do you need a pelvic floor trainer when you could just do your squats, you may ask? Pelvic floor dysfunction is most common surrounding pregnancy, but can affect women at any time in their lives. Lack of pelvic floor control can lead to problems with incontinence, recovering from a birth, and even pain with intimacy. Even if you aren’t a pro weightlifter, you still work out your arms, right? So why not pay some attention to a few long-neglected muscles?

Elvie Trainer acts like your personal pelvic floor coach who is all about the fast-twitch muscles and building strength over time. The trainer helps users visualize their exercises with on-screen cues, a mind-body technique commonly used by healthcare pros when working with the pelvic floor.

Elvie uses real-time monitoring and reporting to make sure you’re doing those exercises correctly, too, since you can cause unintentional injuries with bad form, just like any other exercise. About 30% of women are pushing down when they do their kegels instead of pulling in, which can lead to unpleasant damage. Elvie uses patented technology to measure the force and motion of the kegel movement, making note of inaccurate contraction and helping you to correct an improper technique.

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The device is small, smooth, and made of 100% medical-grade silicone with rounded edges, so it’s safe for any woman to use –– even if you have an IUD. Elvie Trainer comes with an optional cover to help customize sizing as well as a sleek carrying case that also serves as a wireless charger. The trainer itself is 100% waterproof and easy to clean, meaning that it’s made to last without getting unsanitary.


With a focus on using technology to improve the lives of women, it’s no surprise that Elvie’s next tech target was the breast pump. The company’s second product release is a silent wearable breast pump that fits easily inside a nursing bra, helping women feel more comfortable pumping in public, as well as control their settings at the touch of a screen.

So far, Elvie seems to be well on their way to solving a lot of female problems with groundbreaking tech –– we just can’t wait to see what they do next.

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