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Do What You Love and Do It Better

Do What You Love and Do It Better

Life moves quickly. As we get older we tend to take on more responsibilities and with that comes more stress. Even in our spare time, people often begin to take on a variety of projects. The problem is that many times people don’t end up completing those projects and if they do they are often not quality based. It’s so easy to be involved with so many things, but the real goal is to find something you truly love and invest in that. You’ve heard the old phrase, “Jack of All Trades, Master of Nothing.” Below are some ways that you can simplify what you love and become highly effective and successful at it. 

Recognize When You are Doing Too Much

One of my favorite segments on TV is a segment called #Doingtoomuch on His and Her’s on ESPN. The hosts, Jemele Hill and Michael Smith, go over the top five moments in sports when athletes are doing too much. Essentially it’s a segment that makes you laugh when athletes go too far with what they say or do. While it is funny, it’s also a good lesson in understanding the importance of staying in your lane. Too often people want to take on too many projects to say they are busy or to show that they have a lot on their plate. How great can you be at any one project if you are taking on an abundance of them? I am of the mindset that less is absolutely more. You will get way more mileage out of focusing on one or two things rather than focusing on ten different things. Identify what you truly love to do and then do it better. 

Give Direction and Intensity to Your Passions

Have you ever heard someone say they are just passionate about something and that they spend so much time working on that passion? Being passionate is a great thing and giving a great amount of intensity to that passion is certainly half of the equation. However, intensity without direction just doesn’t work. And the opposite can be true as well. You can have direction, but no intensity. Applying both aspects to your passions will give you the greatest return on investment. Do what you love and do it better. 

Innovate and Challenge

Loving what you do makes life so much better. However, you eventually want to continue to grow with whatever you love to do. That often requires an individual to explore ways to be more innovative and challenged in what they love. As long as you continue to be creative and challenge yourself within what you love to do then you will see long term successful results. Do what you love and do it better.

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Evaluate What You Love

Even if you have simplified your passions down to what you really love and provide direction and intensity to it, you still need to evaluate regularly if you still love it. One of the most important elements of staying successful in what you love to do is checking in with yourself to see if your motives have changed. While this may not stop you from doing what you love, you should still be aware of how your motives and goals change for what you are doing. This is very evident in exercise. People’s motives for exercise change as they age. In many people’s 20s the motivation is purely aesthetic. As people age into their 40s and 50s the motives for exercise trend towards quality of life and health. If you are doing what you love that’s awesome, but make sure to check in regularly with your possible changing motives for doing that you love. Do what you love and do it better. 


About Darian Parker

Dr. Darian Parker works for WTS International as the General Manager of Club Ridges, a private high end luxury residential fitness facility located in Las Vegas, NV. Additionally, Dr. Parker serves as the Regional Account Director on the West Coast for WTS International. This role involves oversight of fitness and wellness programs at various WTS International properties. Finally, Dr. Parker is a certified personal trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. 

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